Neverwinter Nights 2 rocks!

Anyone want to role play the OC?
Possibly the expansions after?

No voice, just character chat?

By Role Play, I mean, act your character, make a character which probably isn't min/max 'd for game domination. But create a character's personality, and make decisions like that character would make.

One night a week.
EST 8pm-11pm

Didn't we try this before? I mean, I'd be willing to do the OC for sure.

(Now that I think about it, I think we tried RPing a separate D&D campaign, not the OC.)

I DM'd a permafrost module. I think that it went OK. I'm pretty new to the DM'D side.

I found that it was a lot of time to prepay, and prepare for the adventure.

I'm thinking of doing an RP co-op. Let the engine DM. Less dynamic, but I've never actually gone through the official campaign.

Should be a small group who can commit to a weekly time slot.

I'll go with two people. I don't expect interest to be that high.

Boom yes, I'd love to do some coop NWN2. MON, WED, and SUN at that time slot works for me.