It's good to be the King

LeBron James got mad at the officials last night for failing to acknowledge his "crab dribble" on a traveling call. (Trust me, I'm just as shocked as all of you that traveling was called in an NBA game)

Let's all sing along:

I was on the court
Everybody wore matching shoes
King James went up for a shot
and first he thought he dribbled
But it wasn't a dribble
It was a crab dribble

I'm excited that there is a thread on this.

What is the consensus here, travel or no? From watching multiple replays, it looks like he took two quick steps upon picking up the ball, before taking his last long stride. The "crab dribble" really didn't have much to do with it.

Of course, this is partially karmic backlash from the EGREGIOUS travel against Washington in the playoffs 2 years ago for the game-winning bucket. My goodness.

It's definitely a travel. He travels in practically every Cavs game I watch, it's nice to see refs actually call it on him. To crab dribble, you actually, um, have to dribble.


The NBA needs a rules and refs overhaul.