Gabriel Knight III movie...(stolen from OO)

Saw this post on Octopuoverlords and thought that people here might enjoy watching it. I will post Kyosho's full post so credit goes where deserved.

Kyosho wrote:

I first started a project to make a machinima of sorts out of GK3 back in 2006. Basically, making the game into a watchable movie. To show people how great the story is, and how it does the whole "Holy Grail" thing better than the Da Vinci Code (years before it). For non-gamers, etc. Anyways, I didn't get anything going back then. Earlier this year I started it up again. But it was going slowly. Another guy saw what I'd started and decided to take the reigns and make one of his own. He's recently finished it.

Will full credit to Jedicho, I present Gabriel Knight III - Blood of the Sacred, Blood of the Damned: THE MOVIE.

Edit: I forgot, before watching the movie, you should read this short graphic novel which explains things up until the game starts. Otherwise, you're bound to be confused.