"Regular" college vs. Nursing School

My stepmother has a masters degree I can hardly pronounce. When she went back to school for nursing a few years ago, she said it was harder than most of her grad program.

I am in my first semester of nursing school (BSN program) and I have two previous bachelor's degrees (my first in chemistry from a prestigious college in NC and my second in IT from a not-so prestigious college)...LOL

Anyway, I would have to agree with your wife. I graduated with a 3.6 GPA in my first degree program and a 4.0 in my second degree program, but I am struggling to just pass in nursing school! All of our nursing courses are graded so that you have to make a 75 or better to pass...anything below a 75 is unacceptable and requires repeating the course, so the minimum grade you can make is a C and that is a 75 to a 79. There is definitely something 'different' about nursing school compared to 'regular' college. The critical thinking aspect is something that is new to me and it involves more than the words imply. Nursing school is VERY difficult and there are so many 'hoops' that you have to jump through in school that are considered the correct way to do things. It is literally one hurdle after another but these hurdles are not practical and from what I have seen are not followed in practice.

What you brought up is interesting.....I even started dental school right after my first undergraduate degree and dropped out of the program for personal reasons. I find that the nursing program I am currently in is more difficult than what I encountered in dental school.....

All of the people I know that did nursing degrees did a four year degree. In Canada though, so it might be different.

Lard wrote:

All of the people I know that did nursing degrees did a four year degree. In Canada though, so it might be different.

There are different ways to get a nursing degree. One is a "real" 4-year Bachelor's degree. One is a more occupational/accelerated/Associate's type degree.
Getting your RN from a 4-year(or Masters) college is not like getting a Tech Cert from DeVry or a CAM Associates from the Art Institute.

Aside from that, there are different nursing degrees, not all resulting in being an RN. There's LVN/LPN, for example.

Kinda like if someone said they were getting a degree in programming. There's a whole wide world of Degrees in Programming, from the DeVry path on up to a Doctorate in Artificial Intelligence. All CS degrees, not all equal.