X-Edge Coming to US (PS3)

X-Edge is a weird game. It's in the vein of classic Japanese cross-over games where they just throw a whole bunch of vaguely related IPs together with a shoddily constructed storyline and make something indisputably cool. Normally, these almost never make it to the US because they'd require messy license agreements with multiple companies.

X-Edge is a cross-over Darkstalkers, Disgaea, Mana Khemia, Ar tonelico, Spectral Souls, and the Atelier series. Since Nippon Ichi owns all those properties except Darkstalkers, it appears to be a simple enough agreement to make it worth the effort.

NIS America is saying March 09.

The bad news is early screenshots make it look like a PS2 game yet again, it's PS3-only. C'mon, NIS! You're killin me! It's kind of hard to tell what KIND of game it is, especially considering the upcoming Prinny action game, but I'm guessing TRPG again.

Another interesting note from the linked article, NIS America is currently not looking at X360 games because the tiny install base in Japan is too small to make it worth their trouble right now. I didn't know the PS3 was popular enough even in Japan to make it the more profitable system.