FANTASTIC RockBand2 deal @ ToysRUs

Rock Band 2 Special Edition bundle (wireless drums/guitar, Mic) - $109.99 for PS3 or 360. Valid till Dec 20.

Purchase comes with a $25 TRU gift card. Buy the set, get lunch, then come back and pick up a Live Points card for mo' music.

I tracked one down this morning and it's true, no misprint. I'm not sure I'm entirely satisfied with the RB2 drum kit, but I couldn't beat the price. There are reports of Circuit City, Best Buy and Walmart accepting TRU pricematches (the deal was in the TRU weekly this sunday). If your local TRU is picked clean, pick up one of their ads and run to the competitor.

Note: You might get the game pricematched, but there's little chance of getting the gift card, too.