God of War 3 - Waiting is brutal...

New Trailer.

Along with a few others, Spike had a lovely little teaser trailer for God of War 3 during the presumably lame VGA 2008 Awards. It all looks to be real-time (constrasted by the entirely CG trailer from earlier in the year) and appears to be pretty early on as only around 20 or so seconds of gameplay footage are shown. I wasn't really a big fan of the Gauntlet of Zeus from Chains of Olympus, but it appears to have made it back in a dual-fisted form of sorts. Kratos looks sufficiently angry and muscular as well. Not much more new-ness is shown.

I knew when I bought a PS3 that this game would be a lock at some point in the next couple years, after coming off the heels of the previous two stellar games, I know that waiting for this will be extremely difficult.