(expired) Settlers of Catan about to go on sale at Amazon (Sunday 12/14 10AM PST)

So I read the Amazon gold box clue for the next deal. It comes up at 10 AM PST and says:

Don't "Settle" for just any game! Try this strategy game for the whole family and get it for a limited time at this special price.

Of course I have no idea what the discount will be, and maybe it won't be altogether that great a deal but I guess I'm just excited that I figured out the clue. I had to share.


Nice! -Thanks for posting this, Yoyoson.

Hurray! I was right. But it's only $5 off, total is $15 before S+H. 33% claimed already.

Its a pretty good board game experience for 4 people. The rules are moderately complex, but its a fun way to spend a couple of hours with friends.

The expansions help keep the game fresh, and I highly recommend getting the Cities & Knights expansion.

Even though the gold box deal is over, $20 for Settlers isn't bad.