All Pro Football Tournament Sign Up

ertic wrote:

I havent logged on in a while - Son has hogged the 360 to death with new games from Xmas.

Who do I play and when can we get it on? :)

Let me know when you want to play. I just bugged your kid. It was pretty funny.

I sent: ertic?
He replied: nope

I'm pretty pumped to play the Legend difficulty, but with normal length quarters.

Oh, and I'm going to beat the living daylights out of your team to revenge the two stompings you put on me at the beginning of the season. My team name is the Onslaught, and b the fourth quarter, you will know why, buddy!

Ill look for you tonight Jay and see if we can get this one in the books

I will look for you, but tongiht may be tough. I'm going to watch Kansas tonight in in Insight Bowl. I'm staying in (too old of a fart to party anymore!), so may be later, if you are around.

Ok guys sorry I took so long, I forgot to reset the game. The game is now ready for you guys I made both of you guys co-Admins just in-case this happens again.

So we're still in the first round?

DSGamer wrote:

So we're still in the first round?

I think there's only one game left. Firesloth and myself got ours in this past weekend.

Me and ertic will play ours today. We played yesterday, but I was disconnected. We had to wait for Frankie to reset the game.

So ertic and I got our game in today. And I came away victorious!

Except what really happened was I cut the game early and in a panic hit arbitration instead abort. Since I was down 14-6, and had to have been dominated in all stats, I'm not sure how it arbitrated a win by me.

I was having some connection issues, which I concluded was the wireless adapter that was buried under wires and controller behind my Xbox. It had gotten knocked off by my daughter. I was trying to get it set in place, so I finally paused the game and pulled my Xbox out and started trying to get it stuck in properly. About this time, my Xbox began to sound like there were about 10 nails rattling around the inside tearing the ever loving crap out of the insides. Needless to say, the game finally halted, and I panicked.

Ertic and I both tried to admin the game and restart it. But apparently once it was arbitrated as a win by me, there is no going back.

So I kind of screwed it all up.

*edit: Oh, and the Xbox is fine now. Go figure.

Yes you did screw up a bit. There is two things we can do. 1. Send a message to customer support and maybe they can fix it.

2.You and Aldo, can play private game and then we can edit the team for round 2. Just make sure you guys use the right settings when playing.

Let me know what ever you choose.

I told Jayhawker that it was fine, he can take the win. Just move the tourney forward and start another one

ok I will do .

Looks like it's me and you Jayhawker. I'll probably be able to play some night this weekend if you're available. What's good for you?

DS my whole weekend is clear. Let me know what works for you.

Gumbie wrote:

Looks like it's me and you Jayhawker. I'll probably be able to play some night this weekend if you're available. What's good for you?

I'm heading out of town this weekend, but will be back Sunday evening. I might be able to try then.

What kind of times are good for you during the week, next week?

What's going on with round 2.

I am ready to play any night. Maxox and I need to just connect.

Same here. I was out of town last weekend. I can play anytime this week. I will probably be busy most of Saturday, and then there are a couple of really good football games on Sunday. But if Gumbie sends me a time, I will try to be there the best that I can. If you see me on Rock Band or any game, for that matter, send me a message. I will stop to play a game.


What about tomorrow night between 9:00pm and 10:00pm central? I should be good anytime that hour so if you'd like a more specific time in that block, just let me know.

That sounds good. I will be there by 9pm.

DS, any night after 11pm EST usually works for me. Probably not tonight as I'm still feeling the effects of an NCAA09 overdose this weekend (trying to take a C-USA team to the big time [which takes a little too much effort]) so I'm sort of football gamed out at the moment.

Great game Jayhawker. I can't wait to get another shot at you in the regular season. Good luck in the final game!

Gumbie wrote:

Great game Jayhawker. I can't wait to get another shot at you in the regular season. Good luck in the final game!

Thanks, Gumbie! It really was a crazy game. I caught way too many breaks in the first half. But you made a hell of a game of it, and forced me to come back in the end. It ended up being the INTs that did you in.

DS and I played a couple of nights ago and my defense decided to show up in the 4th quarter (5 sacks, 1 INT, 2 stops on 4th down conversion attempts) which allowed me to pull one out. I don't think he wants to hear the names Reggie White or Dexter Manley anytime soon.

Jayhawker, when do you want to play our game? Tonight may be doable, but any night this weekend probably works better.

edit: Does the week need to be rolled forward or something? It doesn't look like our Championship game is showing up.

And Jayhawker is the champ after a well played game. 28-20.

When is the next one?

Congrats, Jayhawker!

Nice job Jayhawker. I will be away into Sunday, and will set up a new tournament so you have a few days to build your team.

Let's not forget there's Season still to be played.

Also it's nice when we have players that play there games.