Robocalypse - A DS RTS

Has anyone played this game? I've played the game briefly and read a review, but I'm still a bit unsure about the game. It seems the only mention (using the site's awesome search engine) of this game is in the release list / game of the week thread when it came out, and only one user (Ravenlock) even mentioned the game.

Anyways, I have some thoughts/concerns and would appreciate any feedback...
I felt that the game didn't give a whole lot of feedback when you selected something or when a command was active. Also, selecting some characters seemed a bit hit and miss. Do those things kinda become more second nature as you progress? Another thing I would like to know about is the level of complexity / franticness. How much does it ramp up? It seems like it would be a fairly simple game and so never get to hectic, as long as you moved effectively.