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Darn season two of Upload is only 7 episodes. I liked the season but it felt incomplete.

Isn't that on prime?

Oh yeah I did watch it on Prime. I think everything is on netflix.

Everything used to be. Back in the good old days before there were 50 different streaming options. Back when video worked worked more like Spotify/iTunes etc.

I just hit season 4 of Dear White People, which I had been quite enjoying, but now...my least favorite modern series cliche is the "musical episode." I get it, nearly everyone in these young casts cut their teeth on musical theater, and I'm sure it's a lot of fun for them to use those skills again, but it's just so f*cking done and hack, the prospect of a "musical season" stirs a yawning dread in the depths of my soul.

Enjoyed the 1st season of Altered Carbon

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The new Last Kingdom season dropped today...I am going to rewatch the prior season before jumping back in.

It's soooo bad

They let the wrong writer get her hands on it. This was a good series till now.

Ranalin called it...a BIG step down. BIG...HUGE.

I'm near the end of Season 3 and I stopped counting how many love interests Uhtred burned through. I mean, it's like the dude's lips and/or penis were cursed long before Skade showed up.

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Enjoyed the 1st season of Altered Carbon

The aesthetic was spot on and the actors were fantastic. Unfortunately, I felt they deviated too much from the book for me to truly enjoy it.

The Sea Beast | Official Teaser | Netflix

Just finished Komi Can’t Communicate. Wow, that was so good but hard to watch since I can certainly identify with having extreme social anxiety. It took me a lot of starts and stops before I could get through

I started watching War of Dragons last night.
It is Hong Kong like action soap opera that is confusing to follow because of all the interwoven characters. (that I am sure are historical but I have no reference of)
But, it is a marionette show with stunning fantastical characters. They mix in practical effects and some CG but it is live action puppeteering, not stop motion.

It is eye candy and after 3 episodes I am going to look up background info so I can better tell what is going on. I'd recommend checking it out for an episode just to see if it is your style.

Burned through Framed! A Sicilian Murder Mystery last week. If you're in the mood for a little Italian farce then check it out.

The premise is that two appliance repairmen (one of whom is obsessed with a streaming police procedural) go to repair a TV and find that the owner has been murdered. They do everything possible to avoid being considered suspects, but things just spin increasingly out of control.

It's a breezy watch with just six 30ish-minute episodes.

I also watched The Bubble last night.

It was absolutely savaged by reviewers, but I kinda liked it. It had a It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad World/Rat Race kind of vibe to it given the large and talented cast and their steady descent into madness trying to make Cliff Beasts 6: The Battle for Everest: Memories of the Requiem during COVID. It's certainly not a comedic masterpiece, but if you turn your brain off it's a decent way to spend two hours and have some laughs.

I think the reviewers got The Bubble spot on

Teasing Master Takagi is a rare romcom anime with zero ecchi and very earnest characters. Most anime romcom anime male protagonists are unrealistically dense. Nishikata is pretty dense, but it doesn't strain your disbelief.

It is pretty heavy on the adorable factor and plays that card blatantly, constantly, and unashamedly. A key difference is that Nishikata here is as much of a draw as Takagi, if not more. If you're a fan of awkward male tsundere shoutas, you may want to give this a go.

Watching Hellbound up to ep 3.

From the trailer I was expecting something different but I'm liking it so far. If you want lots of action this isn't the show for you. Most of the drama comes from people and how they react to things you see in the trailer


So in this world some creature will come and tell some people the exact time of their death. When that time comes CGI looking hulking creature comes and kills the person in the most violent way possible. Some people believe these are angels doing god's will.

We only only for sure one person is a murderer. The other people might be being murdered for no reason. At one point the chairman states he doesn't know why he was chosen to die but he also helped kill a guy and got a innocent girl to help him. True he was chosen to die before this event but the creatures might be able to predict future crime. So up to episode 3 we can't be sure if ALL the people are being unfairly murdered or not.

So a new church springs up around the monsters. These people are nuts. Once someone is chosen they make it their mission to kill or hurt them. They also try to kill or hurt people that try to help a person chosen for death. They even tried to kill a lady for helping the children of a lady marked for death. They think they are helping god but they are acting like people from The Purge. I think this was a misstep for the show. They should have had some members that didn't come off as insane. Still liking the show. Just think it would have been better if it wasn't so black and white.

Just finished Season 2 of Bridgerton and it’s better than the first. Can’t wait for the next, feels like they have got the writing and cast dynamics down. The leads this year are perfectly cast with amazing chemistry.

Hellbound ep 4

Things get more interesting.


A little time jump. New Truth is now a major religion. There is a group hiding monster attacks. The big thing is that a newborn baby was marked for death and to be dragged to hell.

Since a newborn can't sin the monsters are probably not good creatures. Or whatever is creating these monsters believe the parent's sin can be passed to the child.

Another interesting thing is people are unable to escape the monsters even in death. Someone killed themselves before his marked for death time and the monsters came and attacked his soul. The odd thing was that his soul could be seen and recorded on cameras.

Hellhound was not at all what I was expecting, ie. something like Sweet Home. I dig it but damn if it's not dark and oppressive, I can handle one episode a week or so, though now it's been a few weeks. I think I'm on ep. 5. now.

Hellbound is more akin to Korean movies which can skew much darker than anything I've seen from Hollywood. It's rather impressive, but not to be binged.

Hellbound is depressing on many levels. It's very well made. It makes a lot of provocative and interesting statements. But I'm not in a headspace where I can watch that.

Cute anime girls doing cute things is my limit right now.

And kittens.

It's also a show where I feel like there is a lot of societal context that I'm missing, knowing next to nothing about the society and culture of South Korea.

Metal Lords was fun.

Goddamn that's a great trailer. And those kids grew up so fast!

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Metal Lords was fun.

Yeah, that was pretty good.

Two thumbs up? Wow what will they think of next? Maybe a 5 star rating system hehe

I think the three options are actually good. Any more and you'd be routinely overthinking it.

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Paleocon wrote:

Metal Lords was fun.

Yeah, that was pretty good.

Very much enjoyed it.

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Two thumbs up? Wow what will they think of next? Maybe a 5 star rating system hehe

I saw the 2 thumbs up rating several months again, and then the option vanished. Did they bring it back again?

Maybe another round of AB testing? I started seeing it within the last week or two.