Hidden Gems of Netflix's Watch Instantly

kuddles wrote:

The new Bo Burnham comedy special is a fun watch as long as you okay with things occasionally getting a bit depressing as well.

I'm actually surprised we haven't seen more of that - people doing stand-up in quarantine form. Maria Bamford kind of did it but that was before the pandemic.

Jeez, I may have to watch it again. His earlier stuff I thought was a lot funnier. I did like the White Girl Instagram song though and how he did that. I'm not done with the special, maybe 30 minutes to go. I'll finish it up before making a final opinion though.

Sweet Tooth is better than it has any right to be.

manta173 wrote:

I want to watch Sweet Tooth... but I'm afraid it will just be 'how mean can we be to this kid that is different'

Is it something different than that?

It’s definitely not that. It has it’s dark moments and explores some well-worn post-apocalypse tropes but it couldn’t be further from other shows/movies that share the genre. It’s feels more like a fairy tale or fantasy story than one about the end of civilization.

I quite enjoyed Oxygen. French movie about a woman waking up in a medical pod with no recollection of what's going on.

Us and Them. Long, but well acted.

The Bad Batch, not to be confused with the new Disney+ animated series, was... interesting. It had a lot more song lyrics than dialogue but it works as a metaphor, was well acted with a pretty crazy cast, and has interesting messages and social commentary.

Shadow and Bone has been renewed for Season 2

Finished Castlevania and was generally pretty happy with it. There were a few lines that were just cringe. I am sure Bill Nighy cringed at the whole getting laid lines.

I watched the first episode of Sweet Tooth. I've read the comic series, so I was in on the concept, but the first episode was still really well done and very promising. I don't remember a ton of the comic beyond the initial premise and the ending in general terms, so it'll be an interesting watch.

I also watched the first hour of Army of the Dead. I'd heard or seen someone refer to it as like a movie targeted to keep a 14 year old boy watching all the way through (maybe even someone here said that?), and so when I was struggling to figure out what to watch but didn't want the emotional weight of more Sweet Tooth, I thought that description might be perfect--something very dumb but entertaining. Unfortunately I struggle to see what would be so interesting even for a 14 year old boy. The first hour was surprisingly talky and full of Zack Snyder's idea of comedy, which is not great! The "Viva Las Vegas" musical intro I thought was cheesy and bad. The family drama around the mission to get into the city is tedious and predictable. Bleh. I'm going to finish it at some point just because I feel like there must be some spectacle in there that would be worth seeing, but I was surprised how little was there at the start.

Were any of the characters in this movie from Snyder's Dawn of the Dead remake? I remember watching that ages ago and liking it, but I couldn't tell you a thing about it. So when early on in the movie they're talking to Bautista's character about his well-known history of heroism, I was trying to figure out if they were alluding to what we saw in that opening montage or if it was something from the earlier movie (I don't think he was in that, but was it events referenced in the movie or something?).

"Oh my god, I'm turning into Belmont."

karmajay wrote:

I enjoyed the DOTA cartoon movie

Isn't it a series? I enjoyed it, too.

When you look at the stuff Netflix is quite happy to cancel, you do have to ask how on earth this got a second season....

Oh god yes. I loved Away and while I will admit it is probably a bit more expensive than Another Life, the quality is night and day. Surely Away would benefit from a promotion and re-release.

It is bad when one thing becomes two. One should not look for anything else in the Way of the Samurai. If one understands things in this manner, he should be able to hear about all Ways and be more and more in accord with his own.

On July 6th Netflix will give us a good steering wheel that won't fly off when we're driving.

OG_slinger wrote:

On July 6th Netflix will give us a good steering wheel that won't fly off when we're driving.

Oh.. that's fun news to start the day! I really liked the first one in a weird and uncomfortable way.

I watched Stowaway and I gave it my best to like it and not judge the impossibility of seeing Anna Kendrick as an astronaut. But it was just too dumb in the end and I fast forwarded after about half of it, stopping at key moments and going "oh. ok. That's not plausible at all" and continuing skipping forward. Give it a hard pass.

The new Mike Myers series Pentaverate looks like an interesting concept.

They just announced some stuff about their live-action Cowboy Bebop adaptation. The most important bit: they're bringing back Yoko Kanno to do the music. So regardless of the quality of the rest of the show it'll at least be worth listening to.

So far, pretty impressed with Sweet Tooth.

SallyNasty wrote:

So far, pretty impressed with Sweet Tooth.

Don't worry. Netflix will manage to cancel it before giving you a satisfying series end.

Just watched Skins on Netflix (spanish flick).

Reviews stated it could be seen as a crossover of Freaks (1932) and Happiness (1998) - I tend to agree.

One of the few films that had me laughing out loud, visually spectacular and alienating at the same time.

Is it from the same studio that did Blood of Zeus? Looks like their work.

No Kevin Smith did the new he-man.

Quintin_Stone wrote:

Is it from the same studio that did Blood of Zeus? Looks like their work.

Yeah it's Powerhouse, which did both Castlevania and Blood of Zeus

That actually looks cool!

I'm in.

Looks cool, could be gayer.

Perfect music

Watched Eden and liked it. Nothing new last human must save the humans in stasis. However, it was very beautiful and the music was good. The story was good if not predictable. Good entry level anime and family friendly.