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Haakon7, please, oh mighty Steam overlords.

Could you link your profile Haakon? There's a few of you and I don't wanna go invitin' no weirdos!

Here you are, Oz.

Put me on it baby

Max Peligro

Could use an invite as well.

Another invite request.

Yet another invite request

Didn't realize this thing had in game functions like chat and notifications. This is pretty slick.

If it registered Dwarf Fortress hours played I would no longer be "teh suck." Alas.

Thanks for the invite Kurrelgyre

Peacensunshine, your link is correct, but the link TEXT says it's my profile.

And thanks, kurrelgyre.

Yup thanks from down here too!


invite my booty, please.

edit: oh you need the page thingie? what a skimmer I am.

Finally on board, looking for an invite. Thanks!

My SteamID is Yoyoson. Please add, thanks!

Lookin' for the Hookup, Big Daddy!

Steam ID = MoonDragon

Please invite if possible.

Let me in! I wanna play too!

Every time I try to "Add Friend" I get an error page. It won't accept my avatar jpg either. Will try and fix that over the weekend.

Once we get invited, does everyone in the group get added to friends, or do I have to add all of GWJ by hand?
(homoerotic banter intended)

You use the GWJ group instead of the friends?

dude, it's not like i know how it works...haven't got the invite yet.

Invites sent to peacensunshine, Rezzy and Scaphism!

I'm in. Big Thanks!