Steam Community

zukhoi wrote:

Hey GWJ's,
Very much like to join your steam community my username is



Eleima wrote:

I don't see you request in the pending requests.
Make sure you apply to join so we can approve your request. :)

Hey Eleima,
Thanks for your response! I made a request a while ago without posting to this thread (bit of a GWJ noob here),
so it was refused. Now the button to request is greyed out in Steam... Do I need to contact Steam?

I only quoted Eleima

I checked the “Pending Requests”, and there was nothing... I’ll see if there’s something that might be preventing new requests.

We should probably not be denying any requests because this is not the first time that's happened. We should just let requests made without corresponding posts sit as pending so they won't run into this issue. In order to get around it you have to be friends with a member and have them invite you.

Wow just realized there was a community I guess I will try and join when I get home today.