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Jaqques wrote:

Hi there! New here, but have been listening to the Podcast for a while! Looking forward to joining the group!

SteamID: Jaqques

is this you?
If not, please provide a link.

Steam user ID is grgg. Also new to the site but long time podcast listener. I'd love to play with you guys. Thanks!

invites sent

dissposablehero wrote:

Heres my profile link:

Invite sent.

Hi, here's my profile link:


Hello all! Happy to join you.

Invite sent.

Hello all. here is my profile link:

Invite sent.


Thanks in advance for the invite!

Still private, I see!

Thanks! Hope to see you guys in games soon.

Steam ID is samoht9.

Looking forward to getting into some gaming with the community.

invites sent

SteamID is pikester
Please invite.

Hey all,

Just joined GWJ. Here's my Steam ID:

Could I have an invite? Thanks.

Love the show, guys and gals...

Steam ID:plalvin



Love the show, guys and gals...

Steam ID:plalvin


Invite sent!

Invites for hgcourtney and hrushna were sent as well.

Hello all, I have acquired a laptop capable of some games, so I intend to make use of my long-neglected Steam account.

My Steam ID is podleian.

Please, visit, laugh at my tiny games collection!

Steamid: thrawn82

looking forward to getting involved in the community and getting some good multiplayer games going.

Ok, my second try for invite...

Invites sent. Spider_J, you've already been invited.

cause we were inviting at the same time

Above three seem to have been invited already.


I feel so loved! Cheers.

Hey Guys,

I am new to the GWJ group, forums and podcast. My user name on Steam is Takyan. I would appreciate an invite when you can!


steam search fail. need a link.

Spikeout wrote:

Thought I'd come in here & see if I can get some of you guys to co-op the hell outta some games on Steam I went a little mad on the Xmas sale & bought about £80 worth of games so now I have a fairly hefty library to get through.

I purchased Chivalry & Natural Selection 2 on the sale & haven't really tried them past a quick 30 min blast. Going through the original Left 4 Dead, moving onto the sequel after its completion. Have completed Orcs Must Die 2 (that & its prequel have to be two of the addictive & most fun games on the PC period) on normal & am running through it on Nightmare with my brother. Plenty of other games as well including both Borderlands games.

My Steam username is Spikeout

Feel free to add me

There's three Spikeouts and a spikeout78 when trying it in the url, so a link would be helpful. I'd also suggest finding the catch-alls for the games you want to play and post in there as well. The main GWJ group is mainly for identifying other goodjers. It's pretty rare that it's used to coordinate a game, as there are so many members. We mainly use game-specific groups for multiplayer.