The 'Christmas Avatar' thread....

Vrikk wrote:

I had a Christmas avatar made a decade ago but I have lost the file :(

I lost the one I had, it was made by one of the wonderful people on the forum. I tried making one myself this time and it went okay. My only problem was I couldn't figure out why it was getting shrunk down super small. Turned out the way I saved it included a white background that made the picture a lot bigger than I thought it was. So I just cropped it the actually image size and all is good.

Here is a sight that explains how to put santa hats on avatars or pictures. Put a Hat on it

In again.

Am I doing it right?

Cry 'Havoc'! And let slip the canes of peppermint.

I'm Christmasfied! Thanks again to pyxi! <3

I just noticed on the previous page that I posted 3 times (+1) and there was almost a full year between each post.