Random non sequitur posts catch-all thread

I never put pants on today.

Today looks really silly in pants, anyway.

Been making a effort to stay out of political forums for a month or so. Been in a few threads that turned toxic over representation, one started by me which I should have known better posting on steam forums.

I just came to the realization there is no point in taking part in some threads when I don't really care about the person the thread is about. Social media isn't the same as real life. I shouldn't think the same rules should apply. I'm not even sure I should think of it as real on a larger level. Like some people get millions of views and followers like Ninja. However, I didn't know who this guy was until recently and no one I know in real life knows this guy.

I don't know, maybe real life isn't real either. Wait that is just a movie.

Idle query for our UK-based Goodjers:

Which is considered a stronger, more offensive language? "Sodding" or "Bloody"? It is my understanding that neither are exactly equivalent on the obscenity scale to a f-bomb, is that correct?

EDIT: More importantly, Pillars of Eternity 2 is on sale on Steam again, 40% off the Obsidian Edition with all the DLC. I'm going to get it eventually, but do I get it now? Or wait until the winter sale?

EDIT v2: I buckled. Nevermind.

While sodding my lawn the police shot at me causing me to get all bloody.

Holy carp, Baron, I’m so sorry. Are you okay?!?

LOL, unfortunately, I think he was answering my "British slang" question. XD

That was a very believable statement.

Well, it **is** the non sequitur thread. ^^ I'd rather be wrong and silly, than right, in this instance.

Both are "polite swears". You'd use them in place of "f*cking" when in polite company.

They're roughly equivalent to each other in terms of rudeness, which is to say, not very. "Sodding" had fallen out of use and only old people use the term now. "Bloody" is ubiquitous.

The house we're renting has the kitchen sink plumbed in a manner that has hot water available instantly when you turn on the tap, which seems like a good idea until you spend a good 40 seconds with running water before it's cool enough to drink.