Random non sequitur posts catch-all thread


I'm sure we've all wanted to make a random post that doesn't merit its own thread. In fact some of us don't seem to hesitate starting one regardless. Anyway, here's a collection thread for random thoughts. Have at!

My dog makes a disgusting amount of slurping noise while bathing his forepaws.

Hard, so very hard.

I often wonder why an NC-17 rating on a movie has more of a stigma than XXX.

What did cavemen say when they first had chicken?

Hot tub. GNR. Alcoholic beverage.

Life is good.

These pants are far too tight.

I need to kill this addiction to TF2 and get back out there, my social life is taking a beating.

My ass is on fire.

I am going to drink until I black out on Saturday night.

3 Irish Car Bombs is bliss.

Edit: Unless of course you're playing with Danjo and souldaddy in Gears.

The germs are coming to get me.

Whoa... hold on a sec guys. So far this is the most on topic thread in the forums. You guys are actually sticking to the original point of the post. I for one will not sequitur, be they non or otherwise!

I hope I still remember how to drive in snow with crappy tires.

I'm overly fond of ribs and Jennifer Connelly.

I'm overly fond of Jennifer Connelly's ribs...

I am stupidhaiku, and I approve this message.

Jesus Christ Salma Hayek, stop being so goddamned hot for a minute. Give my penis a break. Not that I will, of course.

I just ate some lip skin.

Jennifer Garner looks and acts like she has a low IQ.

Is this what Twitter is like?

I voted "Yes" on this topic

*Sigh* ...I miss Alias.


Playing 'I spy' with Paul and his two kids.
The youngest said, "I spy with my little eye something beginning with F."
"Flowers!" I said.
"Rat!" Paul said.
"That's it!" the youngest confirms with glee.
I looked at Paul and asked, "How did you know it was rat."
He smiled. "It's always rat."

A mountain of pudding could be the source of an international incident. Someone should form a committee. Or maybe just get some spoons.

Otherwise known as the "Increase Your Post Count" thread ....

Ate some great Mexican last night and can't stay off the toilet today. Montezuma's Revenge.

I just ate a whole box of Crunch Berries for breakfast.

Running Man wrote:

Jennifer Garner looks and acts like she has a low IQ.

She is with Affleck, so, uh...yea.

How many surrealists does it take to change a lightbulb?


How do you taste the sound of blue?

I haven't had breakfast in years.

I get worked up over silly things sometimes.
Excitement over small things.
Disappointment over things that don't turn out perfect when I make them.