Ventrilo normalization

I'm lifting this verbatim from my Warhammer guild's forum:

Ghrock wrote:

Vent Normalization makes everyone's voice the exact same volume. In essence, you won't blow your ears out or have difficulty hearing people.

Here's how:
Go to Setup
Enable Direct Sound
Select the SFX Button
Select Compressor and click Add.
Under Compressor Properties use the following settings
Gain = Adjust for how loud you want people to be. (Try 15)
Attack = 0.01
Release = Around 500
Threshold = Around -30
Ratio = 100
Pre delay = 4.0

What the settings do:

Gain: How much volume you feed into the compressor. Not really relevant unless everyone is too quiet, then you can turn this up a little; turning it up too much will sound EXTREMELY bad.

Attack: How fast volume change will happen. Example: setting this to 500 means that anything coming in will only be dropped in volume after a half a second. For vent this should be set as low as possible.

Release: How fast the compressor stops changing things. Not really that relevant with vent, setting it around 500 is good for voice material.

Threshold: This sets the point where we actually start changing what’s coming in. Whereas 0 is the absolute loudest you can have for an input, -60 is super quiet. Average users will probably come in somewhere around -25 to -15, with the occasional few being really quiet, which is why I have this set so low.

Ratio: How much any sound below the set threshold gets compressed and/or modified in the volume department. If you still want to hear SOME volume variation then set this lower (2-4). The higher you set it the closer in volume everyone will be.

Pre delay: Mostly just deals with processing; with computer and digital processors they can look ahead a few milliseconds to see what needs to be dropped in volume or changed before it actually comes through the speakers. Highest is ideal.

So far this has made a world of difference for me.

Thanks for the info. I was always sick of adjusting each person's volume seperately.

Datyedyeguy wrote:

Thanks for the info. I was always sick of adjusting each person's volume seperately. :P

Same here. Now if only this worked for the in-game voice stuff people seem so crazily fond of using these days

People's switch to the in-game voice on source engine games in particular is annoying.

Ventrilo does it all so much better.

Thank you very much! No more adjusting everyones volume.

Wow... that is AWESOME!

Also, Liquid, last night you had an imposter taking your name on the Vent server and apparently spamming people with soundbytes lifted from "Saw".

Yeah, he played with us in the D&D channel for a while impersonating different people. I swear it wasn't me!

I'll have to try this. 2142 nights can get tricky.

How do you manually change someone's volume?

Funkenpants wrote:

How do you manually change someone's volume?

You can apply filters to individuals, and one of the filters is a volume modifier. I used to have to do this (50% volume) to Indignant when he was so much louder than everyone else on the channel.

Just as a note: Mac ventrilo users can't use this, which can make it a pain at times. If everybody works to make their volume reasonably normal for the comfort of other users, the Mac user is happy. If everybody just does whatever and assumes vent normalization will fix it, the Mac user is sad. So if you regularly vent it up with mac folks, be warned.

That said, this trick is really damned handy.

Crap on a stick!

Sticky this post haste.

Funkenpants wrote:

How do you manually change someone's volume?

It's under Special Effects on the user. It's a major pain doing it per user though, plus their setup might change too.

cartoonin99 wrote:

Crap on a stick!

Sticky this post haste.

I added it to the Ventrilo post which is sticky... does that count?