Catch All: Combat Arms (free FPS)

Tonight was the first night that I played around with Combat Arms at any length. After being introduced to it by a clannie, I'm finding it to be pretty fun. At first I thought - yawn - another FPS. Big deal.

What has made it so much fun is how incredibly fast and easy the thing is to join up with friends that are in games. I right clicked on a friend that was playing, chose to join it and was placed in his server and on his side every time. Between clicking and playing it was all of five seconds, and my rig ain't so top-of-the-line.

The ability to unlock weapons for 24-hour period aligns with my minimal commitment of time, too. While it's a by-the-numbers affair, it's free and has enough polish that I've been enjoying it. How long that will be the case is certainly an open number. But it's really nice to play a game where it's so fast from "wanna play" to "killing things together".

Any fellow goodjer's played with it?