What is the meaning behind your GWJ name?


Mixolyde wrote:
UpToIsomorphism wrote:

It was a joke among friends when I was in grad school getting a PhD in Math. Most proofs of uniqueness ended 'up to isomorphism' meaning that if there was something else that did all the stuff the theorem needed, it was identical to the thing that we found.

It seemed like a good idea for an online acronym.

Before that, I was PseudoPrime1979, as I was researching pseudoprime numbers. And while 1979 is not pseudoprime, it is provably prime and is the year of my birth.

Great year! I just turned 43 yesterday!

1979 here as well.

So, Steinkrug was the name of my orc shaman when I played WoW. I was looking for something that sounded Orcish but also had another meaning. German for stone mug, beer stein type. And I just ended up using the name for other stuff too.

I don't think I ever posted on here before. My handle's a bit more recognizable than some, but it's one of my favorite songs from one of my favorite games:

The metal version kills, too: