What is the meaning behind your GWJ name?


I don't think we have had one of these threads in a long while (if ever) and since there are so many new people in the last year I figured I could start a thread on it.

Flux = short for flux capacitor. I like the Back to the Future movie and the ride at Universal Orlando so I went with that.

Who's next?

I like palindromes. I also like the duality of competence / incompetence. Fits me well.

A SwampYankee is basically a New England hillbilly. Independant, someone who wants to be left alone by the rest of society to live their life as they see fit. Usually used to describe the old time New England farmers.

Well, since my little story got a teensy-weensy bit more interesting from the last time around this question was asked, I will recount:

I originally chose my nick from a great series of fantasy books called The Death Gate Cycle. Or so I thought. Turns out my memory isn''t really what I thought it was - the character''s name was really Lord XaR and [i]not[i] Lord XaN.

So there you go. I blame it on the malapropisms (or is it spoonerisms?) I regularly cough up in real life.

I used to use my first and last name combined as a handle for a long time until someone mercifully informed me that it was lame to do that. Not realizing at the time that they were doing me a favor I decided spite them for mocking me and thus chose the most (tongue-in-cheek, of course) badassest name I could think of.

I''m not just any old psycho killer, I''m the final psycho killer, the omega ... psycho killer zed, baby! Very much a joke when I made it up. Then I just got used to it.

Blame John Wayne for my name. I got into this WW2 kick a few years ago and in his movie Sands of Iwo Jima he said ""Lock and Load"" in preparation for the battle and it sort of just stuck in my head. From then on I used ""LockNLoad"" or ""Lock&Load"" in every game from Quake3 to Tribes:Vengance.

I also used ""Locke"" as the first name of a D&D paladin that I played for a couple years until he had an unfortunate accident involving a Dwarven Demolition Team and a Fireball cast by an evil PC.

Oh, and you can''t forget Denis Leary''s outstanding comedy performance called Lock And Load, another favorite of mine.

My current name is from my EQ character. I normally only posted in forums of specific games so I would always use the name of my character if possible so that people could connect the 2.

The name I first used on BBS though came from a one of my favorite Twisted Sister songs back then and if I actually been considering changing my name on this board to that since there is real no reason to use my old character name.

Old nickname. You chew on one table when you''re teething and you''re marked for life...

Garrad was my first MMORPG character, a Friar in DAOC, got him to level 50. I was a member of some guild and alliance forums. When i signed up here it was just what I had been using. Prior to that I was usually Trex

I got jinxed a long time back. Somebody said ""Mumford"" three times in a row and I decided to just go with it.

Totally believe and adhere to the ''karma'' principle and Jason is mt ''real'' name.

PAR are my initials and all my game names


My wife is from El Salvador, and when I went there, everyone had trouble pronouncing ""Justin"".


Ugh. Luckily, my middle name/confirmed name (Matthew) has a ready made translation, or I''d be Hoostine FOREVER.


I like it.

Warlock was my very first BBS handle (Eifenville and EfNet, way back in 6th grade).

I''ve never been the most original person, so Warlock was about the only thing that came to me that seemed normal yet cool enough to warrant being a nickname.

Plus, I was 10.

I stopped using it around college, but just recently resurrected it for this board and a couple of other places.

Isn''t it really ""load and lock"", though? I always thought that was a mis-statement in the filming of ""Sands of Iwo Jima"" or something...

I joined a medieval recreation group in college, and there were 7 people with my given name, so I needed a ""medieval"" name. But if you spell it ""Robert"", you get called ""Bob"" all the time. So I had to mis-spell it purposefully, and that stuck. Needless to say, as soon as I found a group with actual thinking people in it, I joined it, but the nick was already there, so...

I don''t even like this name anymore, but it''s a pain changing it, as everyone I''ve ever encounterred online knows me by it.
I''ve been using it pretty much forever, it''s from a series of fantasy books I like.

Me and my friends were drawing comics in Grade 8, oh about 14 years ago. Decided to call my alter-ego ""Swat"" and it''s been my net handle since then. Although no one dares call me that (thank god) in real life, I just can''t seem to shake it.

Oh well, sounded good back in the day now it''s stuck to me like some bad epoxy

Stressing and Hashcode are the two handles that I used most often on other forums and in games. But I decided I wanted something that was more suited to being used in FRPGs, so combined them into Strekos. OK, it''s pretty lame, but it''s the best I could do with my limited creativity.

The one should be an I. Oh and I don''t give a f*ck.

I have an armadillo in my pants. It''s actually quite terrifying.

I draw my namesake from two places, one is the Grim Reaper from Discworld and the other is Reaper from Jagged Alliance 2. His little, cheerful comments always made my day!

""load and lock""

No. Because you need to (typically) lock your bolt to the rear, insert a magazine, and then release the bolt, loading a round.

Actually the phrase is supposed be ""load and lock"", as that''s the actual loading procedure of an M1 Garand but there were a series of WW2 movies that changed it around. If I remember right, Iwo Jima was the movie that made the change ""lock and load"" popular thanks to The Duke.

Actually, now that I''m thinking about it... didn''t Data say ""lock and load"" in one of the Star Trek movies also...?

I''m such a geek

I pulled ""Certis"" from an old L.E Modesitte fantasy book''s map. It''s some tiny, insignificant town that never has an impact or real mention in the story. Seemed perfect to me!

Just did a google and found this...

The version of the command to chamber a round that''s most familiar to World War II veterans seems to be load and lock, that is, load the ammunition and lock the weapon in firing position. More recently, the more popular version--and the only one used in this metaphorical sense--is reversed to lock and load, that is, lock the weapon in the safety position and then load the ammunition.

"PsychoKillerZ" wrote:

I used to use my first and last name combined as a handle for a long time until someone mercifully informed me that it was lame to do that.

Hahaha...someone''s messin'' with you d00d.

My screen name is a combination of my first and last names.

I played a lot of Warhammer 40K a few years ago. During the constant rules disputes, my memorization of every scrap of the rules meant that I always had the right answer. Soon, people stopped bringing thier army books and just asked ""CodexMatt"".

Richy - name, Rambo - style of play

Mine is one that I''ve used for a long time in CRPGs usually playing Wizards.

Now it refers to my l33t tactics in today''s shooters! (and while RichyRespawn might be more accurate, it did not have the same appeal)

edit:spelling and clarity

I always thought it was ""Lock"" the magazine into the weapon, and then ""Load"" a round.

It has been just over 20 years, but I''m pretty sure the DI''s were yelling ""Lock and Load your first 20 round magazine, and prepare to defend your position"" at the range....When they weren''t calling me asshole.

I pulled ""Certis"" from an old L.E Modesitte fantasy book''s map.

Good ol'' Recluse...

Mine came from the way I play cards. Seems to fit, especially with the way I''ve been hemorraging in our recent poker games...