A Call to gamers near London with a DS

Source: http://dslondonrecord.net/

To celebrate the London Games Festival 2008, we at DS:London in conjunction with the London Games Festival Fringe are organising a special WORLD RECORD attempt of getting the most number of DS players at one time in a room! This record attempt has been registered by Guinness and we will have an ajudicator on the day to confirm the (obviously successful!) record! All we need to do is to get everyone playing their DS in the same room for 5 minutes! Easy hey?

Our aim is get 500+ people to attend this very special event. We are planning to host this at the The Rocket Centre at London Metropolitan University on Saturday 25th October between 4pm - 5pm. This is open to ALL ages so tell your friends and lets break a record!

I'll be going along since the location is just down the road from me. Would be good if any other GWJers are thinking of turning up to say hello and catch up over a game of something.