"...writing your name on the Predator script."

Couldn't think of a proper headline... So I give you this hilarity from the TF2 Blog...


and a couple of awesome quotes...

The suits took issue with every brave, authority-questioning page of our Meet the Sandvich script-specifically that there were supposed "similarities" between it and the 1987 action film Predator, and more specifically that it was word for word the 1987 action film Predator.

"Could you explain to us how your script is in any way different from Predator?" asked one of the suits.

"Predator takes place in Guatemala," Erik explained, using his I'm-explaining-something-idiotic-to-a-child voice. "Meet the Sandvich takes place inside a refrigerator in Guatemala."


The point for all you young writers is just this: if the constraints of your current project don't specifically forbid it, your best writing will always result from writing your name on the Predator script. If, for whatever stupid reason, this isn't an option, improvise. Improvised dialog feels more real because it's lived. More importantly, it requires no actual writing.

Thought it was pure gold =D

Hah awesome!

This is brilliant. I <3 Valve.

Erik from Old Man Murray ? that's pretty funny.

Mex wrote:

Erik from Old Man Murray ? that's pretty funny.

That man and Chet are responsible for two of my favorite websites.

I don't understand this at all. >_>

That last quote reminds me of my favorite line we used to throw about when I was working on an independant film that I co-wrote. "I'm a writer, if I improvise it's just another draft."

I came here just to say this:

"Get to da choppa!"

Silly Valve. I would have watched their visionary title, stupid suits.

BadJuju wrote:

I don't understand this at all. >_>

I am sad for you =(

EriktheRed wrote:

I came here just to say this:

"Get to da choppa!"

"...and sandvich!"

If it bleeds mayo, we can eat it.

Math, as seen by the predator:

Arnold - 1 = num num num.

This link is hilarious.