You Decide: What Game Must Certis Buy For Me?

Gears 2. I need more victims.

Left 4 Dead.

If the Gears crowd doesn't mobilize and throw some more votes in here, I may have to call the election.

Mystic Violet wrote:

Gears 2. I need more victims.

I really like the sound of that.

Left for Dead, MAC

Gears ++

So this is essentially a vote for which game Legion ignores while he plays SOCOM (:drink:) right?

I vote Fallout 3, because he might get radiation poisoning and die. In the game. *cough*

Certis wrote:

I vote Fallout 3, because he might get radiation poisoning and die. In the game. *cough*

You said on the podcast that you were voting Gears so you could chainsaw me.

I'm glad that you've come to the realization that you'd have no shot of succeeding!

Gear 2

I am from Chicago, I am voting twice.

Gears 2


Left 4 Dead.


Fall Out 3

Hobbes2099 wrote:


Ah, the increment statement. The one thing that _isn't_ simpler in Python than any other language.

Carry on. (Though, again I throw my support behind a game Certis has a chance to blow your zombified brains out. Or, any of the forum, for that matter.)

I'll vote fallout 3 on PC

I say Mirror's Edge. It's the most unknown quantity on there, so if it sucks you can always console yourself with the fact that Certis paid for it.


Updated the vote totals. Looks like a slaughter.


Hello Kitty: Island Adventure.


OK I'm going to throw in a serious vote for Mirror's Edge, because my last vote of Barbie Horse Adventure was clearly ignored and apparently Bratz Chernobyl isn't a real game. Woohoo go underdog.

Left for Dead (PC)

The only answer acceptable is Fallout 3.

Protip: This entry counts 20 times. Check the rules.

If I let him gift me Left 4 Dead on Steam now while it's only $45, think I can get him to throw Peggle Nights in too?

Probably not.

OK, I'm calling the election. Obama wins!

I mean, make my game Left 4 Dead! Steam it to me baby.

Feeeeeed the PCCCCCC

Fallout 3

It. Is. Done.

I almost died!

"Bought 4 Legion"

Certis wrote:

I almost died!

That makes you almost undead. Legion, shoot him just to be... sure.