Sons of Anarchy Catch-All (*Spoilers*)


Did some searching but didn't see any specific topics about this show...

Anybody watching it?

I've watched the first three episodes so far and I'm really liking it. Without a doubt, my kind of show.

Anyone else?

Finally caught the first episode. (Hooray for DVRs!) Very, very promising.

I missed the last episode, but it feels like I've been watching a real-life episode unfold on the local news, given the assassination of the San Francisco leader of the Hell's Angels and the pipe bomb retaliation against a member of the rival Mongol gang.

Great episode again on Wednesday night. Without a doubt working its way up to one of my favorite shows of the fall.

I just started the first episode now. It opened with The Black Keys so that's a great start.

I'm digging it, Peggy Bundy is a total b|tch.

I'm enjoying the show tremendously.

I'm really getting in to this. Still need to watch the 3rd episode, but I really liked the first 2, which is kinda weird since I've never been interested in anything biker related.

This show just gets better each week.

This show just gets better each week.

oldmanscene24 wrote:

This show just gets better each week.

You can say that again.

LiquidMantis wrote:
oldmanscene24 wrote:

This show just gets better each week.

You can say that again.

This show just gets better each week.

What sucks is I watched three episodes on Friday and now I'm caught up, being forced to watch it in real-time. I'm spoiled to watching shows when they're done now.

It has been good. Really starting to come together.

First episode was kind of meh, but it is getting way better.

Last night's episode was great. As mentioned, this show keeps getting better and better. The "nervous twitch" was disgusting but their reaction to it was great.

The end of the episode had me cringing. Knife or fire? What kind of questions is that!

Just thought I'd give this a bump and see if anyone else has been keeping up as this series is progressing. Each week still seems to get better and better for me.

I'm definitely looking forward to each week's episode. Last week's also had more snippets of The Black Keys. :thumbsup:


New season coming soon, and I just heard this weekend (from the man himself): Henry Rollins guest stars for at least two episodes! He mentioned filming two episodes during his weekend radio show on KCRW. This is going to be awesome!


I thought I had read on SutterInk that they just started shooting and season 2 would be airing in the fall.

I saw a teaser for season two on FX this plast week or so. I am really happy it was picked up again, I really liked the show.

Same here. Given that they gave The Shield seven seasons I have high hope for this getting its run too.

Kind of sucks they did not keep any episodes up on Hulu. Maybe they will put up the first season before the new one comes up. I was really happy to catch up on seasons 3 and 4 of Rescue me before season 5 premiered this year.

I just finished watching the season finale. I wasn't sure about it at first, but I'm sold. More, please!

I do have a geeky confession to make, however:


During a conversation with Gemma (when she's in jail, I think?), Clay says something like "You know what never changes?"

I blurted out "war!" and giggled uncontrollably for a few minutes. Everyone thinks I'm insane now.


Arise thread!

Just a heads up for those of you into this show. The season premier for season two is on tonight on FX at 10:00 EST. I can without a doubt say this was my favorite show of last year.

Ride on! - Season 2 Trailer (with minor Season 1 spoilers)

Not as explanatory, but totally sweet.

I'm a-quiver with anticipation. I gave up cable, though, so I'll have to watch online. On Hulu, naturally, adhering to their policy of waiting 8 days for them to post new eps. Yes...that's what I'll be doing...

I watched a few eps over the summer and really liked them. Fallout Voice and Peg Bundy in the same show? Yes please! I'm really looking forward to watching this season.

The DVR is set.

Eezy_Bordone wrote:

The DVR is set.

Trying to get mine going but it's telling me I don't get FX HD. On the phone with a CS now. DON'T MAKE ME WATCH IT IN SD!

[Edit] I got my pixels now!

So good tonight. Can't wait for the entire season.