Rhymes with 70?

A buddy of mine just emailed me this note:

"Can any one think of a word that rhymes with "seventy"?

My uncle Brian is turning 70. When he turned 50 we put up a sign saying, "Nifty nifty look who's fifty". On my ride in this morning I was racking my brain for an updated saying.

I need my sneakers back tonight."

Now, the part about the sneakers is mostly irrelevant, but I haven't been able to come up with anything that rhymes. Any thoughts, HiveMind?

How did you discover Our true identity?

Now We must kill everyone. Again. IMAGE(http://www.smileys.me.uk/smileys/Roll_eye/rolleye0010.gif)

These words only sort of work, but since I've seen poets rhyme words that sound nothing alike, these might be acceptable.

Ancienty (yes, it's a word)

Words that rhyme with seventy? I dunno, but there must be 'plenty.'

I don't know, I think, "I need my sneakers back" is an understated and subtle way to suggest the wandering mind of the near-elderly.

Perhaps, "I like popsicles?"

By the way, no offense Rabbit. I swear you don't look a day over 65.

How about Heavenly? or is that a stretch?

Currency? Applebee?

Sovereignty? Warranty?

It's better than being eleventy.

My previous example was too simplistic. I'd like to re-submit my answer as:


seventy seventy rhymes with brevity

seventy, seventy rhymes with cavity

seventy, seventy rhymes with severity

I think any -ity words would be just fine.

Serenity at seventy.

I put some yeast in my tea this morning.

Why would I try to leaven tea?


This picture just turned seventy!

stupidhaiku wrote:


And....... /thread


He may be turning 70, but that's a lot younger than eleventy.

Thanks for all the thoughts; this thread just cements by belief that seventy, like orange, purple and silver, has no words that actual rhyme with it (though it has plenty that can be abused enough that it's close).

That's ridiculous, everyone knows that purple rhymes with nurple.

Cheat. It's easier to rhyme "three score ten" or "el ex ex".

assonance does not equal rhyme. [/sticker]


"I love you with all my heart
Especially 'cuz you're an old feller."


Levity. That's what you're going for anyway, right?

"Seventy's heavenly. But who stole my Ovaltine?"
"Seventy schmevity, no more levity, just some herbal tea."
"Skip the small talk and pleasantry, bring me my slippers, I'm seventy."

Technically, rhyming words are defined by the section of the word beginning with the vowel sound in the accented syllable. In the case of "seventy," that means a rhyming word would end with the same "eventy" sound.

Ohh sure Word just come in here with your bucket of cold english rules!

My bladders out of control
I'm turning seventy
Now I've really got to pee.