Halo 3 Achievements for Lone Wolf

In all honestly, I have tried for Halo 3 achievements since the midnight release, and now, I'm only missing three; the Spartan Laser Double Kill, Triple Kill with the sword, and the Overkill. I've followed this site for a while, but with a job and a baby, I just don't have time to focus so much effort on the last three. My skill is 27 and I'm a Major Grade 2, now, I'm sure everyone has heard about the Language cheat, and yeah, I'm willing to do it. I've been so against it for so long, but after I realized I could get the Security helmet only from getting ALL 49 achievements, well, I want it.

My Gamertag is Mr Sanders117, now, the catch to doing this language glitch is that we all have to be near the same skill, I'm 27, so we'll go from there. Add me to your Friend List with a message to me if you're interested, and no, this isn't just for me, we should be willing to help everyone else aswell.

It's more about beating the system, we're not using glitches and mods, I'm completely against those, just a way to help other players out. Now, I know it's looked down upon, and not really respected, but I've gotten all except for three, so I'm not really interested in respect, just a way to get the helmet from Marathon, love those games. I still have all three.