10,000 year old pyramids discovered off of Japan... under 100ft of water

I did a Google image search for 10,000 and pyramid and this is all I came up with:


I knew Dick Clark was old, but I didn't think he was THAT old.

Anytime you see Graham Hancock pushing something, be skeptical. He heavily pushed the "pyramids on Mars" stuff and made a lot of money by hypothesizing that early Earth civilization came from Martians. He's great for the New Age and fringe paleociv people, but not so great when it comes to science. Sort of a latter day Van Daeniken.

Sort of a latter day Van Daeniken.

Who, as everyone knows, is the predecessor of the classic quartet of Eddie, Alex, David and Michael!

Marsman wrote:

I know! The Creator (That's you! the player.) did a reset half-way into the civilization phase of the game and the in-planet editor didn't delete all the old game's buildings before re-teraforming.

I have _got_ to remember that one next time I run into a really, really annoying fundie (And probability breaker that I am, it happens all too often)