Name a Band / Song We Should Know About

Just feels good tonight.

Fiona Apple just released a new album! Here's the title track, Fetch the Bolt Cutters.

Oooo! Catchy title!

This album came out a few months ago, in the before times, but this song has only become more relevant, AJJ’s “Normalization Blues.”

This song was written before the self-quarantine, but you wouldn't know it by listening to it.

In the grocery store I heard a blip of a song that reminded me of Blue Sky by A-ha.
If you do not know and love A-ha and recognize their first album (the one with Take on Me) as a masterpiece and classic, I invite you to listen be schooled.
Their lead singer Morten Harket is one of the best vocalists and certainly top 3 living. (he is 60 and still has got it) Oh and they are certainly gifted musically.

Hunting Hi and Low was my favorite from that album.

Yep, that man's voice is amazing.

Thank you internet for the random bit of awesomeness that Morten Harket holds the record for the longest held note (on the UK charts) at 20.2 seconds. A record previously held by Bill Withers at 2.2 seconds less!

It is claimed he has a 5 octave range but Morten jokes that he's never counted them. And to be honest as my wife mentions, it is more that he doesn't seem to have any breaks between his registers. He switches between them effortlessly.

I love the whole album and I'd give special nod to Hunting High and Low and Blue Sky with a preference for the latter. But I also cannot deny that the pairing of the orchestra and Morten's layered runs on Here I Stand and Face the Rain makes it suddenly awfully dusty in here. (and don't forget Train of Thought...)

Side note: apparently Take on Me had to be remastered and re-released. It didn't catch fire until the release of the (obviously awesome) video. And the rest is 10 million records and history.

Google Music recommended Rina Sawayama to me because I listen to Caroline Polachek and Allie X.

This is one of those pop songs that digs into my brain and I end up humming it all day:

fangblackbone wrote:

Morten Harket holds the record for the longest held note (on the UK charts) at 20.2 seconds

I got your back everybody!

I listened to A-Ha a lot today. I’m sad to say that when I hear Take On Me, even tho the music video is so good, all I can think of is this meme video

Reminds me of Devo's "We're Through Being Cool" video.

Ay, devo!

Re: A-ha, you seen this? -

My sister was big into them when I was a nipper and I was going through her records one night and was like "pffff, a-ha!", put the album on and had great fun!

At the end of dirty boy, Tim Smith holds the last note for a good while -

Though, of course, that never charted because it's silly music made by poopoo heads.

Probably some trickery going on anyway. You can't fool me Tim smoked roll ups like all the time, they probably had him shout into a big funnel or something, or did it up an underpass. When they used to do it live, they'd pass the note around like a relay baton.

The back wheel's 'O' is now a letter 'D'
I was an 'I' and now I am a 'V'

I love that bit!

Ooh, I'm liking this -

2 tracks in and it's already reversed most of the damage done to autotunes reputation by mumble rappers.

Sometimes I pop back into this thread and read about 10 pages in a row. Found some pretty good stuff like Tessa Violet, Marika Hackman and Paul Cauthen.

Also, whoever posted Manchester Orchestra and Black Puma in the same post. Epic. I, actually, just got both of those records last month.

Anyway, someone mentioned there wasn't much metal in this thread, so here's some bandcamp deep diving I did during quarantine and some good hard/stoner rock and metal bands.

Lowrider. Swedish stoner rock. They put out one album then disappeared for a decade and came back with this masterpiece album called Refractions.

Atlantean Kodex makes just about the most epic German operatic doom metal you've ever heard.

Screamer. Swedish maybe? Think Judas Priest by way of Stockholm.

Villagers of Ionnina City. I don't even know how to pronounce this band name. Just know that they're from Greece and made an epic stoner rock album with Greek folk music mixed in.

Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats. They make 70's sounding fuzzy rock and someone told me they only use equipment from the era for a more authentic sound.

The Gizz!!! I was supposed to be seeing them in a week. I hate quarantine world.

clippa wrote:
The back wheel's 'O' is now a letter 'D'
I was an 'I' and now I am a 'V'

I love that bit!

I love this album. I wish Linnell would shun the band and just release genius solo ish like this. But I’m sure the band keeps food on the table and bills paid.

This song reminds me of the 10 or 15 seconds when you realize the true meaning of life and the universe because you’re half asleep or drunk or high.


I mean. Just. Genius.


Sometimes when a band I like covers a song by another band I like it's a recipe for disaster. Thankfully this isn't one of those cases.

Nope- that's not me crying alone in my apartment as Lucinda Williams sings "Are You Alright?" while sitting on her couch. You must be thinking of someone else.

Then she plays 3 new songs from her new album that is out today.


I am really enjoying the various at home performances, including the Tiny Desk Concerts from homes. No surprise, a lot of these artists have pretty decent audio set ups. NPR Tiny Desk are legendary for their audio quality and mixing.

Laura Marling from last week was fantastic.

John Fogerty is fun for entirely different reasons, in that he is playing with his three kids.

The John Prine tribute. Damn.

Finally, Curt Smith performing Mad World with his daughter. What a lovely and haunting song. She is surprisingly wonderful.


clippa wrote:

I love this album. I wish Linnell would shun the band and just release genius solo ish like this.

Yeah, I would kill for another solo album. TMBG still have their moments but I think you're right, Linnell is far better on his own.

pandasuit wrote:

Sometimes when a band I like covers a song by another band I like it's a recipe for disaster. Thankfully this isn't one of those cases.

This is a really nice cover coming from someone who is super picky about "covers".


Now to see if I can find that entire performance.

edit: I know I’m being hyper-critical here, but why didn’t that pudgy middle-aged white guy wear a black suit and fedora? It didn’t have to be a leather suit. But now he’s semi-immortalized as a dorky white guy in an alligator tee who got to introduce the late, great Jam Master Jay. I realize that I have the benefit of hindsight, but it should have been obvious that this was a momentous moment. I mean, that moment was very momentous for the guy. Everybody knows that. Bigly. Cofeffe!

Younger me that used to listen to a lot of Korn really appreciates this

This reminded me of another case where a band I like did a good cover of a song from another band I like:

That first song, sorry I don’t know the name, I’ve never heard Jon perform it that way. By that I mean that he was actually singing rather than screeching out the vocals.

I wish they would have had the performance from start to finish without the talking bits in between. So many live performance films do that. Just let me hear the music and put the band’s commentary at the end.

The Sorcerers made a "soundtrack" for a "film" and it's amazing. There is no actual film, but if the soundtrack is anything to go by, it would be a funky 70's jungle jazz journey!

Brian Fallon, former singer of The Gaslight Anthem, released his third solo album a few weeks or so ago and I've been listening to it quite a lot since then. In my opinion, it's easily his best one yet. It kind of sits somewhere between The Gaslight Anthem and his other side-project, The Horrible Crowes. As someone who loves The Horrible Crowes and is somewhat ambivalent to Gaslight, this is very good news.

And if you haven't heard The Horrible Crowes before, here's a taste.

halfwaywrong wrote:

Brian Fallon - 21 Days

I loved this.

halfwaywrong wrote:

The Horrible Crowes - I Witnessed A Crime

This was good too. Reminded me a bit of The National.

Queuing up a bunch more of this to listen to now.

Thanks for sharing!

This is from Joan As Police Woman’s new cover album. The lyrics are definitely NSFW. I linked it instead of embedding:

If you aren’t familiar with Joan here is her most popular song (which might also be NSFW depending on how your work feels about videos of muscular men in speedos):