Name a Band / Song We Should Know About

Oh my.

Aaron D. wrote:

Oh my.

This another that has a short film on Netflix to go along with it.

Yep. The short film features four or five songs from that newest Thom Yorke album. The film is really weird and super artsy fartsy with LOTS of interpretive dance type of stuff going on. The story it tells is interesting and easy to follow. If you have even the slightest tolerance for weird visual art, then you should check out the film.

Rolling Stone reported last month there’s an EP, Death Stranding: Timefall with 8 songs inspired by the game, releasing... yesterday :). Most of the artists are unknown to me:

1. “Trigger” Major Lazer & Khalid
2. “Ghost” Au/Ra & Alan Walker
3. “Death Stranding” CHVRCHES
4. “Yellow Box” The Neighbourhood
5. “Meanwhile…In Genova” The S.L.P.
6. “Ludens” Bring Me the Horizon
7. “Born In The Slumber” Flora Cash
8. “Sing To Me” MISSIO

How great are the Buzzc*cks! And how could I ever choose just one song to share?

New Grimes. Feels a bit like a throwback to some of her older stuff and I like it.

Not that i need it, but i'm excited for this box set!

Beck's new album is out. I haven't listened to it all yet but I like this single a lot:

I've been listening to the "Everything Not Saved Will Be Lost Part 2" album from Foals a lot lately:

I’ve listened to the new Beck album in it’s entirety several times. I like it. It’s got that Sea Change and Morning Phase feel of blissed out mellowness with a few upbeat tracks like Saw Lightning. On a few tracks he’s using that vocal auto tuned effect that is popular amongst some of the younger RnB hipsters. I can’t say that I enjoy that part of the album, but the rest is pretty good.

I was today years old when I realized that the Charlie Parker tune "Ornithology" uses the same chords as "How High the Moon".

This was a wild ride:

fenomas wrote:

This was a wild ride:

That's even more fun than the album! Wish I had gone to see them this year. I had the chance.

Some mellow music to start the weekend

Also, every song on Alice Merton’s Mint+4 album is good.

tuffalobuffalo wrote:
fenomas wrote:

This was a wild ride:

That's even more fun than the album! Wish I had gone to see them this year. I had the chance. :(

The crazy thing is, if someone had stopped the video five seconds after they started playing, and told me: "it's pretty much that, for the whole twenty minutes", then firstly I wouldn't have believed them, and secondly I wouldn't have expected to enjoy it. But oh how wrong I'd have been on both counts.

I assume you know Gorillaz but did you know they released a music documentary and it's on their official YouTube channel?

IMDB description:

Focused on the life of the band and their collaborators over the 3 vital years in which they developed critically acclaimed albums, 'Humanz' and 'The Now Now', and undertook their most ambitious world tour to date.

30 years ago today was a good day for music. They Might Be Giants - Flood and The Sundays - Reading, Writing and Arithmetic were both released.

My first great musical discovery for the year is Emily Scott Robinson. Her album, Traveling Mercies, is almost a year old, but it's brand new to me. She's a country/folk singer-songwriter and she's a really great example of what those genres ought to be.

From what I can tell, her most well known song is The Dress. Content warning for rape & sexual abuse - I'll put it in a spoiler tag.


It's a shockingly confronting, yet beautiful song.

And another one I really like.

She reminds me of one of my favourite Australian singer-songwriters, Jen Buxton. Jen only put out one album and a few other smaller releases, but like Emily Scott Robinson, she was really great at telling these very personal, yet so relatable stories.

I don't think I'd heard of WILDES before this song popped up in my recommendations. I like it a lot.

ooh is this blast from the past weekend?

This song isn’t a blast from the past but all it’s references are

AcidCat wrote:

Man, I love this sub-genre of 90s (mostly) English dance-rock.

Ned's, Jesus Jones, EMF, Soup Dragons, etc.

Many are familiar with their 'one-hit wonder' radio songs, but man their entire catalogs were so damn good.

Big Audio Dynamite? (B.A.D.)

The only important thing these days is rhythm and melody.
and melody.

and a really cool implementation of a The Who sample.