Name a Band / Song We Should Know About

I know right? Like who would be paying attention to the fashion show at that point?!

I've loved Shpongle ever since I first heard Dorset Perception back in 2001. The best thing about Shpongle is that crazy old hippie Raja Ram.

Weird. My favorite album of 2018 won the Grammy for it. Also, This is America won best song? Cool. Hopefully that event sticks with a not sucking trend. I can't remember a time when I saw their results and was even halfway interested.

Yeah, but Greta van Fleet won best rock album. I think they are... somewhat overrated. There are more deserving rock bands out there.

Good on Donald Glover, though. He won big.

I discovered Beach House a couple of years ago and feel like they’re criminally overlooked. They have a certain sound that if you hate it you’ll hate it, but if you like dreamy synth pop you’ll love their whole catalogue and feel thankful they exist.

Yeah! Beach House is the best. I have all of their albums except for the first couple.

lol @ cameo

It's quite awesome to come back here after a few years of absence and see this thread I started more than a decade ago still going strong.

For your enjoyment, here's a song I keep listening to again and again lately:
(might want to check it out if you like The Cure)


Dammit there I go falling in love again

I made a new post before I saw this thread. So, I will add this video here. "Shockwave, are you ready?"

Here's one that's been on rotation for ages on my playlist. So simple yet so good.

The Dead South are one of my faves as of late

Keith Flint is dead and I’m going to listen to Prodigy all day in his honor

The into the spider verse soundtrack is fire.

I learned of Bat for Lashes and Natasha Khan after becoming enchanted by this song from the Saoirse Ronan movie How I Live Now. Everything on the album Requiem is equally haunting and beautiful.

I haven't kept up with her, but this was the first song I ever heard by her, it was off the first album.

Bat for Lashes has some great songs. Some of my favorites are Sunday Love, All Your Gold, and Glass.

I really love Bat for Lashes - The Haunted Man. I also love that Sexwitch side project:

I'm currently going through all of NPR Music's SXSW 100 which went up this week! Always a good resource for finding new stuff!

Just heard this on American Gods

Paul Cauthen - "Everybody Walkin' This Land

On 2 February 1969, David Bowie went in to Willesden’s Morgan Studios to cut a new song, ‘Space Oddity’, with colleague John ‘Hutch’ Hutchinson (who sings the ‘ground control’ sections) for ‘Love You Till Tuesday’, a film that was being made by Bowie’s then manager, Kenneth Pitt.

Bowie subsequently demoed further versions of the song in an attempt to secure a record deal, which led ultimately to a contract with Mercury/Philips and the world-famous hit version recorded on 20 June 1969. The February recording finally became part of Decca when Pitt sold the rights to Love You Til Tuesday to PolyGram in 1984.

New Side Project called Dark

still under Grimes umbrella but, just gna start releasing demos under other names as album is taking too long.. need a way 2 make art that isn’t so high pressure

lo fi sad elf songs for a weird AR musical im working on

kinda like the sub-groups of Loona X Gorillaz vibes. Character design isn’t done yet so just using pre-existing filters for now – artists tagged in the yt description


This came out a few weeks ago. The song totally rips and so does the video. This Land by Gary Clark Jr.

RawkGWJ wrote:


This came out a few weeks ago. The song totally rips and so does the video. This Land by Gary Clark Jr.

Good one. Thanks for sharing.

Have you heard Black by Dave? Also probably NSFW:

This three song set from Mountain Man on NPR at SXSW is so, so good:

tuffalobuffalo wrote:

This three song set from Mountain Man on NPR at SXSW is so, so good:

Gem by Daughter of Swords

In that set I was super impressed with the song Grasses by Daughter of Swords. I instantly went to Apple Music and found one singlular song called Gem. It’s excellent! It did this thing to me. At about 1:30 the Bass comes in. I had an ASMR like reaction, but rather than feeling tingling I felt like a warm and heavy blanket was dropped onto my body. It happened again later in the song. I’m not high on drugs. I haven’t drank alcohol. On very rare occasions music will have a pronunced effect on my mind and body.

I also found this. Incredible.

Thanks for digging those up! So great! I'm gonna buy some music related to all 3 of those singers at some point. I already have and love all the Sylvan Esso stuff. Definitely will buy some Daughter of Swords and Mountain Men.

There’s just a lot of great new music coming out. Julianna Hatfield released a full length album last Friday and it’s great. It’s exactly the type of rock’n’roll record that I’ve been looking for.

Open Mike used to host a really good podcast but he inexplicably stopped making it several years ago. He’s made a couple appearances on Harmontown since but it’s just not the same.

fenomas wrote:

That song and video are DOPE! f*ck the NFL.