Name a Band / Song We Should Know About

Friend came across this while visiting France. I'm digging it.

and an analysis vid, on the visuals
Excellent way to project the power of the characters: the camera is always receding (like you're moving away in intimidation) and the center point is never above their eyelines (you're always beneath them). Presumably intentional or intuitive by the video makers and not a standard trope of k-pop.

Since I posted pop already.

New Clean Bandit and Foster The People songs are good. New Grimes is a little intense but I like it.

Is it December and you're already wishing it was Halloween again? Red Velvet has got you covered:

p.s. I really like that new Grimes song.

second one worth watching in it's own window.

I'm loving both of the last two posts. Good thing people buy almost all their music online these days. Can you imagine going to a Best Buy and asking for The HU? "Yeah, The Who, we've got them over here..." "No, The HU- H. U."

And I've been listening to a lot of Korean Idol bands lately (as you can probably tell from my last post) but Flowsik is in a completely different area of that I haven't encountered yet.

EDIT: I just watched a video about the history of the Grimes song above. When I first listened, I was drawing very strong comparisons to the themes of the Poppy album that released in October, and I guess for good reason. This song was originally supposed be a colab with Poppy, but there was some sort of behind the scenes kerfuffle. The song Play Destroy (featuring Grimes) stayed on the Poppy album, but Grimes took this song back and replaced Poppy with another artist. Not going to take sides, I just feel bad that there was any animosity in the process. I appreciate Poppy and what she does on the surface as the character "Poppy" and respect Grimes as an awesome cool electronic artist.

Anyway, I'll use this as an excuse to post a different, more happier colab with Grimes and the Kpop group Loona:

The start of that yyxy song and the chorus remind me of Gee by Girls Generation

I really like the sound of that new Mark Ronson song "Nothing Breaks Like a Heart" but, fair warning, the music video isn't for everyone.


New Justice video had me hooked right away

Edit: apparently this is from their 2016 album tho

Edit edit: ah ok, this is the version from the 2018 album Woman Worldwide

They didn't make videos for this last album, so this is just the music. I can't stop listening to the whole album.

ranalin wrote:

second one worth watching in it's own window.

I was just coming here to post this, the metal thread might like to see it.

I love that this last page is K-Pop and Mongolian Heavy Metal.

pandasuit wrote:

The start of that yyxy song and the chorus remind me of Gee by Girls Generation

I found out recently that both songs have the same producer.

Badferret wrote:

I love that this last page is K-Pop and Mongolian Heavy Metal. :)

I also love the non-western turn this thread took.

For anyone interested, a Kpop thread has been started here. It's been the majority of my music discoveries lately and didn't want to overwhelm this thread with one genre. But I don't want that to stop anyone from posting kpop recommendations here if they choose to.

Aesop Rock and Tobacco (of Black Moth Super Rainbow) released their first collab this week under the name Malibu Ken. I was really looking forward to this because I didn’t think their styles would work together at all, and honestly the contrast is pretty discordant at times but both artists are strong enough that it’s still a really good album.

I wanted to love it but so far all I can say is I don’t dislike it. I’m going to listen to it again and hope my opinion changes.

It’s not as good as Hail Mary Mallon but I’m just happy whenever Aes drops something new.

I love when Ice Cube gets angry at white politicians. There are some good lyrics on this one.

When I drop the mic
It hit the floor like Thor
You can’t pick it up no more

30 years ago today this album was released:

Been humming this one all day

Also, I'm enjoying the Weezer Teal album a lot more than I expected

"Jump Up Superstar" (the theme from Mario Odyssey), nicely arranged as gypsy jazz.

Added bonus: there are many covers of the ending theme from Odyssey (Honeylune ridge escape) but this one is the best.

One of the benefits of growing up in Los Angeles in the 80's (and listening to KROQ) is that one day you wake up humming a song you haven't heard in 25 years. You then remember that it is Simple Minds's first hit and that they had 3 hits before the song everyone remembers them for: "Don't You forget about Me"
It then sends you on a journey of your youth where you stumble upon a song you love and one of the forgotten later hits of the unique sound of Big Country. To only be topped by a documentary on Yazoo and then Alison Moyet singing "Only You" (looking fabulous at over 50 years old) with a symphony during the Burberry fashion show in 2017...

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Love all of those, but this is a brilliant rendition!!