Name a Band / Song We Should Know About

I love the new Interpol album after listening several times!

That whole Jain album is great. I've been listening to it on Google Music all day.

her official YouTube page has (almost) all the songs in a playlist:

I saw this band open for Beach House earlier this month, never heard of them before but I like their sound.

New Lorn album is coming next week!

Lorn - I Am A Dagger

I like it. Cool sound.

Just brilliant. Total 70's motown vibe, and on the surface it's just a chill summer song. But those lyrics...

koshnika wrote:
Tscott wrote:

Well, its got a nice beat but, sorry, other than that it's the exact opposite of what I find appealing about Blackpink. That was like Psy's 'Gentleman' without the satire.

Blackpink has been on heavy rotation in my kpop playlist lately.
I would also suggest exploring Exid, Red Velvet, Mamamoo, 2NE1, or Dreamcatcher.

I've given a number of those a try and I'm liking them. Also I'm finding Loona to be pretty great too.

This weekend I found a recent top 60 new kpop titles video on youtube and there was one artist (who was like #56 on the list) who stuck out as really unique among kpop. The clip had a jazzy swing vibe and she even scats a bit in the song. The name is Minseo, and her song is called "Is Who" and I love it.

Then I found this song, "Zero" from the same artist. I'll just say nothing from the first video will prepare you for this song.

This one's recommended to fans of anime openings, parkour, and french horns.

(English subtitles are available for both of these songs btw)

Just lovely.

I really like the sound of everything DRELLER does. If you like this then check out his song “one night stand” but be forewarned his music videos are probably NSFW due to sexual imagery.


@pandasuit and tuf

Lando C can really rock.

That new Interpol is solid!

Colleen Green has a new album. Her punk and grunge aesthetic is really cool. This song highlights neither of those. Well, I guess it is a great example of post proto punk.


I went back a few pages and didn't see Billie Eilish posted here. Her new video is amazing

and Bellyache is a good intro if you haven't heard her before

and you should see her in a crown (Warning: Spiders!!!)


Nena Cherry has a new album. One song sounds like it samples the drums from Paul Simon’s 50 Ways to Leave Your Lover. It might be an approximation. A few years ago I’d heard an MC Frontalot song that used that beat. It happens to work amazingly great as a rap beat.

This fan made video has a couple of hilarious moments. Plus they use the Songfight recording, which is so much better than the album recording.

I hadn’t realized that Brett Gurewitz and Greg Graffin made amends. Apparently Brett reunited with Bad Religion in 2001. So 17 years ago. Bad Religion has put out two singles this year. If you’re a fan of the Suffer and No Control era of BR you’re going to enjoy these.


This video is dope!

@Rawk, Kong from Neneh Cherry's new album is fantastic. Overall, great listen.

pretty cool cover

Just awesome.

Yesterday Poppy released a new album. It's actually pretty freakin' good while also remaining very much the "Poppy" from the weird youtube videos.

I'll suggest John Nolan's new album, (The 2nd voice from Taking Back Sunday or Primary voice from Stray Light Run). He made a solo album but also has his regular gigs going. Really solid and full of some of my favorite stuff of his.

Abendigo options here, free on spotify PC.

Oh. Poppy...

I'm a sucker for anything Marina does

Friend came across this while visiting France. I'm digging it.