Name a Band / Song We Should Know About

In 2014 I had my first child and a new job, so forgive me that I missed this but...rum buh bum.

I often listen to music as a fall asleep. Sometimes I want something relaxing to drift off to. Usually something like Brian Eno's ambient stuff fits the bill.

But, sometimes I want the music to wrap me up and consume me. That's where Zola Jesus's album, Stridulum, comes in.

Kehama wrote:

That Handsome Devil - Savages

Nice. I'd really only heard "Rob the Prez-O-Dent" from That Handsome Devil (because of Rock Band 2).

New "The Presets" album out.

Apparently I missed that Alison Wonderland has a new album earlier this year too.

Has a cool sound to it

I saw some Jason Isbell earlier. I am a fan, but for my time, I think that Amanda Shires is where it is at. Those two are just shining stars in Americana right now.

Sudan Archives is my current favorite summer band:

Also this awesome Kendrick cover:

We need some New Zealand music in here


Classic drinking song

Third classic lucky!




Just had to share that I saw my second live show of The Regrettes in six months. They're amazing, upbeat and powerful.


Gonna have to go pick up this record today.

Tscott wrote:

Whoa, I thought she looked familiar. This is a really cool shift from her meekakitty comedy stuff that I completely missed!

I've been listening to Sheena Ringo for a long time and she moves easily from rock to jazz to pop to orchestral to noise to tapping into some horror-type-genre of her own making, (some of her songs are downright spooky), so I'm not sure I can put a label on her. If you're looking for a very emotive vocalist and musician who holds nothing back, give her a listen.

Song: Tsumi To Batsu
Artist: Sheena Ringo

A 16 year old friend of the family decided to start putting some music out on youtube looking for feedback and tips on how she can get better. All her stuff is mainly electronic and chip tunes with no vocals.

Habibi you can drive my car....

The singer has a great story too:

I love Gunship. I frequently listen to their music on repeat while I game. This isn't their best but I def enjoyed it. New album incoming this fall. They've been described as "80s’ cyberpunk nostalgia".

Cartoon violence warning....