Name a Band / Song We Should Know About

Bubs14 wrote:

For those into electronica, I gotta give a nod to Ronald Jenkees. Dude is a synth wizard.

Really like "Guitar Sound"!

Tscott wrote:

...I got more into a related band called Friends of Dean Martinez, especially their album A Place In The Sun. That album featured a lovely instrumental cover of "Summertime" and the transcendental "Broken Bell"

Both of those are great. Definitely checking out more of their stuff.

Thanks for sharing!

I thought this was cool.

Lest you think this is all mixing tricks, here is him doing it live.

B0RNS new album is pretty great. Alt/Indie.

Single from last year but full album recently came out.

Plus new chvrches!

WipEout wrote:

Dan The Automator

Dan the Automator and Mike Patton and Kid Koala and Jennifer Charles for that album specifically. It's delicious.


How about some forgotten songs of the 90s? My CDs are in crates and out of order and when I want to find some half-remembered album that never got ripped to my PC I never can, but I often find other stuff that I'd forgotten about instead. Here's a few recent re-discoveries:

Walk This World from Heather Nova. The lyrics are... let's say... rather sensual. In fact, the whole album "Oyster" always made me rather peevish when I listened to it.

Remember Republica- Ready To Go? The video director had apparently just discovered some fancy new camera trick called "zoom".

Finally, do you recall when members of Weezer and That Dog got together to form The Rentals? Here's Waiting

The Rentals had a great B-side called "California" that was only ever released on a cassette tape for their official fan club (I found a version transferred to mp3, with tape hiss and all, on a deep dive into Napster when that was still a thing). They later rewrote it into "Barcelona" but it wasn't as good, in my opinion (still good, though).

For comparison:

I was listening to Joan As Police Woman's new album today and then went back and listened to all her hits again. She's a bit of jazz, rock, and pop. Here are a couple of her songs:

I've read that she was dating Jeff Buckley when he died

Good anthem rock music:

Good honesty music:

Good mental health music:

I’m surprised it hasn’t been mentioned here yet, but Kendrick Lamar’s Black Panther soundtrack is A-MAZ-IIING. I’ve had All the Stars in particular on constant repeat for weeks now.

WipEout wrote:
pandasuit wrote:

There is a surprisingly large amount of artists where I like the sound but hate the lyrics. The vast majority of rap and hip hop I like falls into this category. Run The Jewels being a perfect example. Their music sounds awesome as long as you ignore the lyrics.

How does it feel to be the wrongest person ever in the history of the world, ever?*

RTJ's lyrics are intelligent, thoughtful, funny, and very smartly constructed. I put Killer Mike and El-P up there with Madlib as far as best lyricists go.

FWIW, El-P likes to put out instrumental versions of tracks he produces. You can find instrumental albums for a lot of RTJ, his solo stuff, and stuff he’s produced for other artists like Cannibal Ox and Aesop Rock.

New Father John Misty is good

Half of the new Janelle Monae is good (very Prince yet still very Janelle)

Yeah, the new Janelle Monae album is gonna be dope. I have all the previous ones on vinyl, and I'm excited for this new one after watching the videos.

I'm excited to listen to the Kendrick Lamar soundtrack to Black Panther, but I still want to see the movie first!

Looking forward to the Janelle Monae too.

I'm all over the few handful of tracks that are available by Sigrid. (a 4-track ep, the studio version of Strangers and a cover of Everybody Knows from the Justice League soundtrack)

Friday there's a new album by The Breeders!! I'm hopeful it'll be good.

In listening to a youtube playlist, based on the above video, I discovered another album also coming out on Friday by a new group, Superorganism. I'm really liking this too.

Not sure it's in the spirit of this thread, but:

I'm sure I posted about this band here before, but...

Band: Outlandish
Album: Bread & Barrels of Water
Genre: Hip Hop

Sample singles:

Calling U


And for something completely different. Some Reggaeton.

Ivy Queen & Ednita Nazario - Te he querido te he llorado

New album of unrecorded songs written by Johnny Cash, with this track recorded by Chris Cornell:


Really like the new Fischerspooner album:

Listening to the relatively new Moby right now. So far pretty good:

The album:

I posted about Superorganism above. I got album yesterday and have listened to it several times. Really digging the sound. Here's another song to listen to

Or play the web browser game the band made:

For some reason I thought I had seen this on here before but I'm not seeing it now

A modern heavier take on a classic. It kinda loses some weight as a song when not done by an Irish singer (due to the content) and with slightly modified lyrics but I still like it. The original is still better and I can't believe it is 24 years old already. Man I feel old.

I really dig the Zombie cover and it's cool they donated the money to her kids.

Sorry not sorry

As long as it's not another Smash Mouth reference thing, I'm okay with it.

Delbin wrote:

Sorry not sorry

Speaking of...

Laura Guevara - Más Feliz

Andrew Bird - Danse Caribe

St. Vincent - Black Rainbow

tuffalobuffalo wrote:

Yeah, the new Janelle Monae album is gonna be dope. I have all the previous ones on vinyl, and I'm excited for this new one after watching the videos.

I'm excited to listen to the Kendrick Lamar soundtrack to Black Panther, but I still want to see the movie first!

Her latest single Django Jane is pretty good

also, if you haven't heard it before:

There is also a Rick and Morty music video for Oh Mama over here