Name a Band / Song We Should Know About

I didn’t know about Golden Features until I heard their collab with The Presets. Now I’m binging Golden Features music.

Sleaford Mods have a new album, and the title track is illustrated by an artist name Cold War Steve. Great images, vocal and visual. (Full album releases March 10.)

Wow, Pandasuit, really digging Vigil by Golden Features.

A few songs I've been vibing with lately:

This is a new group in K-pop that debuted a few months ago with a 4 song EP. And now they might be changing K-pop with their two newest songs. Musically they have a very laid-back and chill vibe. The videos have more of a genuine feel, with less glamor and glitz. And they have a free-feeling choreography, and comment on what it means to be an idol and a fan. And both videos will blow your mind.

New Jeans - Ditto (Side A)

There is also a (Side B) version of this video that further explores this concept.

New Jeans - OMG

I quite like Bridge City Sinners.

I feel like I've post this before, but I'd like to draw Cymande to everyone's attention.

Last year, The Guardian called them, "The classic British Funk band you don't know you know."

I think the much-sampled 'The Message' is the track that will be most familiar to most people. But I really like this performance of 'Brothers on the Slide'.

Youtube just threw this up as a suggestion, so now I am *your* Youtube.

After a few listens of the new Linkin Park I just wanted to listen to their old stuff

I’m still enjoying the new Gorillaz after a few listens tho

AJJ has a new album coming out in a few months:


pandasuit wrote:

After a few listens of the new Linkin Park I just wanted to listen to their old stuff

I sort of rediscovered them recently. Chester died right around the time I moved over to Apple Music and I really just didn't want to hear their music at that time so I never added them to my library. A few months ago I was watching the Transformers movies and had forgotten how good their stuff was so I added a bunch of it to my library. That said other than a few songs off of each album they never made any albums after Meteora that I enjoyed beginning to end.

Context: Growing up I listened to a lot of the classic western music in my father & grandfathers record collections. This Colter Wall song really takes me back to those days. Also reminds me a lot of Calexico <3

First release from a new Isbell album that's due this summer.

Sparks is still around? Hard core...

Blanchett's anti-Tar performance

Nuno is just breathtaking...

So Metallica dropped a new single this week as well and a couple phrases of the chorus kept reminding me of another song and i couldn't place it till now

Caroline Polachek, Dido, and Grimes collab on Caroline's new album

pandasuit wrote:

Caroline Polachek, Dido, and Grimes collab on Caroline's new album

Yeah, that is a very fun pop album.

if you’re one of the lucky few that can tolerate 100 Gecs their new album 10,000 Gecs is out and it strikes about the same balance for me as their first album, 80% songs I can’t stop listening to and 20% songs I don’t ever want to hear again.

When I go back and listen to the Talking Heads it occurs to me that they were ahead of their time and perhaps even timeless. That's probably not a controversial/unique opinion. Maybe I'm just getting old and nostalgic. Thoughts?

Not at all controversial or unique. Some bands just captivate no matter when they started up. Gorillaz, REM, Gang of Four, Bauhaus, many more.

I don't listen to their stuff regularly. They aren't in any of my daily playlists for instance. This promo is why I was recently reminded to go listen to the Talking Heads again. Usually I hear them in a movie soundtrack or something every few years and I go binge their music again.

Relevant live performance video:

One of the best concert movies ever made. Just the first minutes alone are genius film-making,