Name a Band / Song We Should Know About

I've posted Skatune before, but I really loved this interpretation of the main tune from one of Nintendo's most underrated games.

The new Die Antwoord is quite a change from what I’ve heard before

I don't normally care for them (though some of their instrumental tracks are pretty good) but I like that song.

"We've secretly replaced Pandasuit's Die Antwood with Gorillaz! Let's see if he notices..."

I seriously wonder how Damon Albarn was not behind this. It's a letter-perfect homage to Gorillaz.

I kept waiting for the rave beats to slam in with Ninja and Yolandi doing frantic call and response verses. But no, they stuck with it. Only the biting satirical lyrics remain from their usual rave-hop stuff.

I find it quite relaxing. They really have a stellar, creative set of music-makers. Love this.

Bonnie Raitt, in her 70s, is still releasing full-length albums, singing beautifully, and shredding her guitar. Love it.

I came back to this recently and forgot how good this particular soundtrack is. Nico Muhly will probably be my favorite composer forever. So unique. I instantly recognize any music that he's touched.

That series is pretty good too.

Hadn't listened to this particular BTS album in awhile. So good.

Happy Halloween Weekend (K-pop style)

Pink Fantasy - Tales of the Unusual (Zombie Version)

PIXY - Bewitched (Eng Ver.)

Dreamcatcher - BEcause

New Iggy Pop song is Old Skool! Love it!

I posted this thousands of posts ago, just a reminder to check out Type O Negative.


MaxShrek wrote:

I posted this thousands of posts ago, just a reminder to check out Type O Negative.

Listen to them every year around Halloween. Steele's passing was a shame.

Robear wrote:

New Iggy Pop song is Old Skool! Love it!

This makes me smile... LOVE IT!


The Chipmunks, one of their 80's pop albums, but slowed to 1/16th normal speed (Sludgecore). Instant Goth classic?

Pretty Carolina by Jontha Links. I heard this is popular with RUST streamers. I heard it on a scooter range test time lapse on YT. I can't get it out of my head. Love it
I hope the lead gets more work. She is talented, charming and very easy on the eyes.

One of the dancers slips but they all keep going, dancing on snow and ice and missing the mat sucks.

Moar Maynard please

As you wish! Great interview here...

ranalin wrote:

Lux Æterna

I'm really not the biggest fan of Metallica. That being said, I was really pleasantly surprised by that tune

The new Metallica single is good, but I expect that it'll be the same situation as with their last album: a great three minute banger as the first single, followed by an album full of turgid, repetitive six minute songs that needed an editor.