Name a Band / Song We Should Know About

Epic. Witcher soundtrack in the style of Doom Eternal.

Not sure how y’all feel about music appreciation in the sense of deconstructing and dissecting a song. Sometimes I love it. Rick Beato is just the man for the job IMO. What I love in this video is when Rick explains that that Cobain probably didn’t know all of the names of the chord extensions, and how he didn’t need to because he understood all that ish intuitively. Real artists don’t think in technical jargon. They just breath creativity into their work.

been too long since we had something from him!

Came across this, which is a concept album from a well-known NYC music producer who does his own stuff on the side. The idea is a soundtrack to Dune in the style of Kraftwerk, and it's aces.

Check out the song "Bene Gesserit" to see what sort of wizardry he comes up with. If Kraftwerk is your jam, you'll find this quite tasty.

Duran Duran - Anniversary

I should probably give a NSFW warning for some shots of people in thongs/lingerie and a brief shot of an inflatable penis.

This new song by Cannons happens to be awesome and sound nostalgic at the same time.

New War On Drugs is out! Here's one of the songs:

Just started listening to the album from start to finish. Looking forward to it. It just feels like the album I wanted to come out of Wilco post Sky Blue Sky.

I've listened to this so many times, I can sing along even though I don't know any Russian besides the words you learn from playing certain multiplayer games. And Metro, maybe. Something about mountains...

Came across this song a few days ago while searching for another song with a similar title and I like this song much more than the other one:

Only 17 views so sad. It is available on Apple Music as well.

I absolutely adore what she’s done with the longer version. Such an insight into that era a decade ago. The classic version I think remains her masterpiece, but this is a very welcome addition. I loves it! IMAGE(

I’m ready for new Grimes

Wet Leg's "Chaise Longue" came in second to "Montero" on NPR's Top 100 Songs of 2021. I know there's a link above.

Full NPR list of Best Songs of 2021 for anyone interested.

Since I've following Kpop the past few years, I found it interesting that STAYC - Stereotype is the lone Kpop song to make the list. It's a great song about wanting others to see the true you, instead of any ideas they might have about your outward appearance. And the way J sings "I'm a good girl yeah" is perfection.

STAYC - Stereotype

If I were to pick one other song in a similar vein from this year, it'd be Weeekly's "After School", which unsurprisingly is about hanging out with friends after school, but also hits subtly with nostalgia and the idea that we'll all never be that young again to give it a bittersweet feel by the end of the song. It's beautifully done.

Weeekly - After School

Here's something without a school-girl theme.

BIBI - The Weekend

Love me some Beach House. Depression Cherry is such a great album. I have tickets for one of their summer shows next year. Hoping by then my Covid Comfort level includes indoor stuff.

St Vincent is still one of the best.

bigred wrote:

Love me some Beach House. Depression Cherry is such a great album. I have tickets for one of their summer shows next year. Hoping by then my Covid Comfort level includes indoor stuff.

I have most of their albums on vinyl. So good. Technically I live in a beach house now too, so it's fun to listen to the albums in that context.

AJR not exactly unknown, but also not super popular. Really like this song, hopefully you agree:

Found this on a Metacritic list of top debut albums of the year. Really liked this song. Had me immediately dancing.

I can appreciate a good mashup. NSFW language in the 50 Cent lyrics

I’ve been a fan of Matt Berry since Garth Marenghi and I know he occasionally has musical numbers in the shows he’s in but TIL that he actually started out as a musician and continued making music after his acting career took off. I only just started listening today but what I’ve heard is surprisingly good.

It was funny to hear Matt Berry voicing a droid in the new Boba Fett show. Will have to check those songs.

I like to think that anytime Matt Berry records something, the first thing he hears is, "This is Clem Fandango, can you hear me?"