I was hit by a car tonight


I know this is a weird thing to post the day of the accident, but I'm at home getting food in my stomach for the first time in 10 hours, so I figured what the hell. I was riding my bike today to my personal trainer and I was hit by a car driving rather recklessly. A picture for proof (fun?, chicks dig scars, right?).

I'm alright so far. Follow-up regarding possible spinal injury later on. I broke my cheek bone. Lacerations everywhere and I broke my nose twice and I broke my sinuses (that's what they said, no clue what that means). I believe I sustained a concussion as well. The police arrived a little too fast, so I think I blacked out.

I just can't believe that happened today. It happened quickly and I still can't believe it happened. Literally 2 hours earlier we were signing the papers to close on our house (yeah, the house went through). Next thing you know I'm in an ambulance on the way to the hospital. Life is messed up and weird.

Funny enough, this was the chain of my thinking as I lay on the ground.

My first thought was "just lay here, this could be really bad and my neck is really in pain as is my head.."

My second thought was "I can't believe that guy just hit me".

My third thought was "I think he sped up".

My fourth thought was "Call my wife."

My fifth thought was "I think I deserve a PS3 out of this."

No idea why the fifth. Maybe that's when the shock kicked in.

Dude, that sucks. (Understatement alert.)

I'll keep you in my thoughts and prayers.

Understatements and jokes are welcome. I'm home posting about it. I'm alive. Thank God for that. And my faculties are all here. It's just surreal. I think the reason I shared is that many of you are my friends and it was bound to come up sooner or later. Especially if I feel like making it to PAX and show up looking like I got in a wreck on the way up.

DSGamer wrote:

but I'm at home getting food in my stomach for the first time in 10 hours

doubtingthomas396 wrote:

Dude, that sucks. (Understatement alert.)

Dude, my sympathies to you! I've been through exactly the same thing, with a substitution of bike for inline skates.
My face wasn't messed up quite to the same extent as yours, but I broke my front teeth and left leg.

Was the driver who hit you indentified? Your case obviously should go above the no-fault coverage for the bills. I hope you get a good stab at the guy's insurance.

Dang man! I'm glad you're alright. Take the person to the cleaners and get that ps3!

You definitely deserve at least the 80gb PS3. I'd avoid the motorstorm bundle though. It might trigger PTSD!

jokes aside, holy cow! Glad you are at home, and that in and of itself is reassuring. If they thought you had a serious spine injury or traumatic brain injury, they would have kept you at the hospital longer for observation. The broken sinuses (or actually bones that line the sinus cavities) will heal on their own. If you did have loss of consciousness, that's considered a traumatic brain injury, but if you can remember in good detail events at the hospital soon after blacking out, that's also a good sign. TBI can be subtle though, so if months from now, you're having trouble concentrating, or having issues with memory or are more irritable than usual, you should get neuropsychiatric testing for any cognitive deficits.

Take it easy!

Holy crap. I'd hate to see the other guy('s car)!

Jokes aside, that's well into "All 3 consoles and a new tv" category. I ended up with ~300 when I got hit, and I got lucky with no injuries. (I saw the car coming and ducked and covered and rolled onto the hood).

Either way, I hope your recovery is quick and painless.

Jesus christ. Best wishes dude. Hope you're back to 100% ASAP.

Damn, that sucks. Just glad you're ok-ish. Here's hoping the neck/spine injury heals well!

Holy crap man. Agreed on the ok-ish. Major suckitude.

Yeah, your face looks roughed up a bit, sure spine injuries suck. But you neglected to address the really important issue. The thumbs man, are the thumbs ok?

Seriously though, glad you're feeling good enough to post, I like to think that is a good sign.

Holy sh*t. I don't know what's more shocking, DSG getting hit by a car or the fact that he resembles a Heavy. I know you probably don't remember, but did you just roll over the car? I bet you did some good damage to his windshield.

Very sorry to hear this. I think all bikers worry about the day they get hit. I certainly do. Glad to hear that your alive, and I hope the neck/spine gets back to normal. You're in my prayers.

Did the guy stop? Maybe you'll get HIS PS3!

Do you remember much about the events right before the accident? Was it a busy road and this guy just ran you over? 3-5 bikers a year get run over out here (people looking at mountains and bison and not paying attention to ANYTHING around them), but most that get hit are not as fortunate as you (unfortunately). I am very glad to hear you're okay.

Yikes! Wow, man, I'm glad you're OK enough to be home. Best wishes for a speedy recovery, no hidden injuries, and a shiny new PS3.

The injuries sound pretty brutal, but I'm glad you aren't hurt worse.

Any more details on the actual accident? what the hell happened?

A) Damn DSG!

B) I'm glad you're alright. And still with us.

C) Congrats on the house closing!

D) Don't you see man, life is too short to worry about whether or not you want to hold onto a particular console or game or not. Just collect 'em all!

E) Daaaaamn!!!

I dunno, if I hit a guy like DSGamer I'd probably be on a plane to Canada under a false name the next day. Don't want to mess with the mafia.

Seriously though, I wish you a swift and painless recovery with no lasting negative impact to your body, mind, and wallet. I'm not going to start bombarding you with unsolicited legal advice but I am curious about the details.

Glad to hear you're at home posting! Get well soon

DSGamer wrote:

My fifth thought was "I think I deserve a PS3 out of this."

No idea why the fifth. Maybe that's when the shock kicked in.

Makes sense to me. When I was a kid, I'd try to finagle some free toy or something out of a particularly unpleasant illness or trip to the doctor. Now that we're older, and the injury in this case is obviously much greater, it stands to reason that the reward should be larger as well!

That said, I've had spousal clearance on the PS3 for months, and there isn't anything I want it for other than Blu-Ray. I'm continuing to put off purchasing it in the hopes that I can skip it this generation, or (hopefully!) Sony goes out of business.

Good luck on a speedy recovery, man! And go ahead, take this coming Monday off.

Holy sh*t, DSG, that's horrible! Get well soon, dude, we're all rooting for you.

Wow, yeah get get better soon! Spend some of that down time with some games!

Holy cow! Amazing that your back home already. It is still unbelievable to me how many people don't watch out for bikes, pedestrians, and motorcycles. One of the reasons I'm selling my motorcycle is I'm scared of something like this happening to me, but only at 65 MPH. It is a sad truth that you are only as safe as the other drivers on the road will let you be.

May your recovery be speedy, painless, and game-filled


So what's the deal with the driver? Were they impaired? Old? Apologetic?....Rich? :p

Glad to see you're okay for the moment. It's incredible how quickly one's life can change due to accidents and negligence. Good to see that you didn't get hurt any worse.

Man, I hope you recover quickly. I always try to stay off the roads, Paleo has been in a few accidents and that makes me nervous. Good luck!

Holy crap. Glad to hear you're okay. Did the guy who hit you stick around or drive off?

Wow! Hope you get better soon, lets get some pic's too.

What kind of car hit you? Where they drunk driving? Is your bike OK or mangled?

I would start up a Buy a PS3 for disabled DSG but I closing on my house in like 8 days so I have about 5 dollars to my name right now. But reading your thought process that is about my line of thinking when anything bad happens to me.

Glad you're ok! Been through the whole 'being hit by a car' thing.. ugh, i was on a motorcycle though, regardless, heal up, and stay safe out there

Damn, that looks painful. Get well soon!

Here's to wishing you a speedy recovery. I believe you earned that PS3. It also doubles as a house warming gift.