NBA 09-The Inside (PS)

I just saw a couple reviews and I'm not sure this was for the PS 3 before, but sounds it was definitely for the PS 2. One thing it has, among what looks like many good things, is something similar to MLB 08: The Show's, "Road to the Show" (RTTS), is 'The Life'. Evidently create a player and start him in a 'D' League and try and bring him up to the leagues to eventurally the NBA. You make choices, are giving goals etc. If it's anything close to, 'The Show's' RTTS, if should be good. Many folks buy The Show just for the module and only play it. Also, it appears 'The Life' has been in the previous renditions, but is much improved. And it is by the same developer's of The Show (i.e. Sony's San Diego shop).