WoW: PlayXpert - overlay with widgets

Here's the product page with plenty of marketing spiel.

I recall reading about this in PCGamer recently. Basically, it makes Alt+Tab a thing of the past.
Need to joint a vent server/channel? Use the overlay. Need to check where an item drops? Use the overlay.
So slick. If anyone remembers TeamSpeak Overlay from back in the day, this looks similar, but on some huge steroids. Actually letting you control stuff while keeping your game maximized.

Here's the wowhead widget.

Here's a video of it in use. Kinda low res, but you get an idea how it overlays WoW.

You do have to create an account to be able to download the client, which I think I'll do this weekend. Looks like a very neat tool, although the Vent widget seems to have been lost in time. Maybe vent gets updated so often that the widget dev is having a hard time keeping up? I don't know, but I'll try it out.

Well, balls. Maybe I won't be trying it out.

System Requirements

Playxpert will work on both XP and Vista machines out of game, but for it to show in-game, the following points must be considered:

* The game must be dx8 or higher (which means if you're running your favorite steam game in OpenGL, it needs to be in DX mode for PXP to show up in game)
* There is no in-game support for x64 systems and Vista at the moment. Vista will come first.

So, the actual cool part doesn't work for Vista. Unless I break out my old laptop, no PlayXpert for me. Sad panda.