WoW BHA - Aug 12-18 Raid/Heroic Schedules

FRIDAY KARA 8:30 Server
Elorin - mage
Duclama - tank
Aoundrea - heal
Naraan - Shaman
Dyrrian - Ret Pally
Tannymiss - OT (8:30-10)
Bearr - rdps (10-end)
Korduroi - heal
Kilthanas - hunter
Deinesaur - spriest
Lunarel -heal

Mags/Gruuls run Tuesday @ 7 Server with UT
1. Healer (GWJ) Aoundrea – priest
2. Healer (UT) Cigg - shaman
3. Healer (UT) Darhne - shaman
4. Healer (UT) Gauzepad - priest
5. Healer (UT) Valrasha - druid
6. Hunter (GWJ) Adonfana
7. Hunter (GWJ) Kilthanas
8. Hunter (UT) Dasmess
9. Hunter (UT) kadzeroth
10. Lock (GWJ) Schnuggles
11. Mage (GWJ) Cyrana
12. MDPS (GWJ) Grinders – rogue
13. MDPS (GWJ) Knightly – warrior
14. MDPS (GWJ) Lunazul – rogue
15. RDPS (GWJ) Deinamic – spriest
16. RDPS (GWJ) Terase – druid
17. Tank (GWJ) Stormspain – Pally
18. Tank (UT) Belazaim - Warrior
19. Tank (UT) Walksoft - Pally
20. Tank/MDPS (UT) Dewdrinker - druid
21. Tank/MDPS (UT) Tieffa - druid
22. Healer (?)
23. Lock (GWJ) Dilgus
24. DPS (?)
25. Lock (UT) Ozcar


This is a call for interest & availability for Tuesday - Monday the week of August 12 - 18.

Please post before Sunday at 12:01 AM Server

I'll put together anything we have the people for, so if we have the people Kara, ZA, Heroics, Mags, Gruul.

Please post before Sunday at 12:01 AM Server to be sure to be included in any scheduled runs.

Please post the following:
* Toon Name - class - role - Any specific notes
* Available Days & Times

* Lunazul - rogue - mdps - Any
* Lunarel - druid - heal/mdps - Kara/Heroic
* Tue, Wed, Thur (7-12) Sat (Noon-?), Sun (Noon-10), Mon (7-10)

Please post before Sunday at 12:01 AM Server

Welcome back!

Cyrana - mage - rdps - ZA and 25-mans preferred, but if needed will serve.
Artesia - druid - tank/mdps - Kara, any
Tuesday (6-10+)

Ok Sorry about last week i had some internet issues for a few days i am back and ready to run on Tue Thur and Fir with Elorin or Terase ..and if you ask reallllly nicely i might just respec Ter

Stormspain - tank -need Kara for a ring off of Aran? ZA or 25 mans(can heal if absolutely neccesary, just have to respec)
Tue/Wed/Mon - available 7-10ish
Thur/Fri/Sat/Sun - not available

Its also that magical time of year again where I have no time on weekends until October.

Duclama - tankadin - Kara - need Boots of Elusion, 6 badges, Wrynn Greaves, King's Defender, Shield from Nightbane.
Any 1 or 2 kara nights after 8:30pm.

I got my Season 2 tanking Mace, so I should be able to hold aggro better. Once I get new pants, I'm hoping Nightbane will be a bit more doable. I'd like to get another shot at him. I don't think I did as well as I could on the landing parts.

* Schnuggles - destruction lock - dps - interested in Mags/Gruuls, ZA, SSC & Heroic SP
* Knightly - arms warrior - dps - interested in Mags/Gruuls, ZA, SSC & Heroic SP
* Available Days & Times: Sun-Thurs 7-10, Fri-Sat from 7pm, No back to back nights Mon-Fri.

* Pelham - marksmanship hunter - CC/dps - interested in Kara
* Newark - restro druid- healer, 1871 +healing - interested in Kara
* Available Days & Times: Sun-Thurs 7-10, Fri-Sat from 7pm, No back to back nights.

We would like to be scheduled together for raids.

Tibbs - (mini Dilgus) available from 5Pm to 3 AM any night
Aoundrea - uberhealerwomanthingie - available even more than Tibbs...has preference and will heal your arse anywhere anytime...

Adon is not in school yet, so he had Naraan (70 Shammy) and Adon (70 hunter) available any night...his hours usually end around midnight EST i'm guessing.

Love to all!

Welcome back! It's Olympic time. River is out for a few weeks until they are over

I am available for any raid/instance run or heroic as long as its after 8 pm server.Particularly interested in getting Magtheridon done.

And not as a tank,btw.... Kara run for badges would be nice if we can get a late one going.

* Kamyndra - warrior - tank - Anything (except heroic SL, need some more amnesia time before tackling that again).
* Wed, Thu (8-?), can probably do both if necessary as my wife is distracted by the Olympics a bit.

Edit: Whoops, sorry, got my weeks confused. I'll actually be out of town this weekend, so looks like I only have Wed and Thurs. Sorry for the edit after the deadline.

I'd love a late Kara.

Maloratus - Hunter - rdps - Any instance, Heroic, 5 man, 10 man, 25 man. I would love a full clear Kara run and ZA for loot opportunities.

Tannymiss - Warrior - prot spec but will change to dps if necessary - Kara. I am wanting to be able to eventually tank the likes of Kara. I don't know how far into Kara I can go but would like to go as far as possible. There are many loot upgrades for me.

Days and Times I can raid: Thursday, Friday, Sunday available starting at 6 server till 10 server. Sunday (Noon-10)

Grinders- MDPS
Available: Thursday, Sunday 7-11pm.

I've got time Monday, Thursday, Friday, plus either Sat or Sun. Korduroi (heals)....for whatever.

-> Lent

Hi, Donpaco and I would love to run Kara! We can run weekends at any time.

Kilthanas - Hunter - RDPS

Love to get into more than 10 mans, and would love advice about gear/gems.
Pretty much available anytime.

email: [email protected]


Smithy (Prot Warrior) would be available to tank Kara on Wednesday or Thursday 8-11 server, not sure if I will be around for any thing on Sunday though.

Tuesday-friday 7-midnight server
Sat 6-midnight
Sunday 5-whenever

Deinamic - Sriest - kara, gruul/mag anything else
Deinesaur - Afflic lock - no kara, but anything else I'm game

We are attempting a Gruul/Mags run with UT tomorrow (Tues, Aug 12). If you are interested & haven't post yet, then get to typing so we know who can join us. If this run goes well, we will most likely plan additional joint run into other content.

I might be interested if it's late enough for me, though badges from Kara would be even better(currently) for my gear.

Apologies for this being on Monday, but I'm thinking at this point I'd probably better remove myself for the week. Between going out of town this weekend, apparently possibly having to now stay extremely late on Thursday to do a software deploy, not knowing what might trap me at the office on Wednesday getting ready to deploy, my back seemingly going out, etc., etc., this just doesn't look like my week. Don't want to drag any raids down with me. Hopefully I'll be back in the swing of things next week. If I happen to get on, I'll be happy to join in anything that might be going down though.

As to the Tuesday Gruul/Mags run-if its on after 8pm server I'd love to go.If I can help out as an alt for the Mags run (and get my title hopefully) I'm all for that as well-assuming that you start one of them too early for me.

my back seemingly going out, etc

Sorry to hear about that Kam. I've had a bad back myself off and on for 3 years now so I know it's not fun.Take care.

Luna here is the current list of people intending to attend tomorrow's 7pm server gruuls/mag run from UT, sorry for not getting it to you sooner

Belazaim Warrior tank
Walksoft Prot Pally tank
Dewdrinker feral druid mdps/tank
kadzeroth hunter rdps
Tieffa feral druid mdps/tank
Ozcar lock rdps caster (in standby at the moment)
Valrasha druid healer or adalia ret pally mdps (whichever you need he will bring also has a mage)
Cigg shaman healer
Darhne shaman Healer
Gauzepad priest Healer
Dasmess hunter rdps

I'll be bringing deinamic my Spriest unless something happens and we need my lock then he will ready to go

Well i would love to go most likely bringing Terase or Elorin depending on what is needed and gear etc

Grinders will go to mags gruul tonight with the shared run.

Tuesday's Mags/Gruul run w/ UT is up. As a whole, we need a healer and 2 or 3 dps.

Dein - between Dew & Tieffa, we'll probably want one of them to go mdps for the whole time.

That should be fine Dew has the better tanking gear if only 1 needs to tank but both have full kitty sets and can go cat full time if needed.

Dilgus should be on tonight to do Gruuls if needed

Dilgus - done