Creepy spider!

Awesome. I'm surprised they aren't more common, that seems like a devastatingly good survival strategy.

Best camouflage ever. "Don't mind me, I'm just a pile of skulls."

That bug would fit right into Warhammer 40K.

Only after a liberal application of the Hammer of Fate!

new spidey pic!
I love these little jumpers. I guess they don't fit in the creepy spider thread. too cute!


Scientists have discovered a completely new species of trap door spider


Bonus: In Auburn, Alabama

I love it when new species are discovered.
Mother Nature saying "see? you don't know everything!"

What's with the little bubble on its foreleg?

That's for extra evil.

My wife and I pulled a little thumbnail-sized phidippus audax off our ceiling and put him outside recently. He was actually kind of cute in that faintly-ridiculous sort of way.

Timespike wrote:

phidippus audax

And Shalalm Baskur to you!

They are evolving:

Wow, the creepy spider thread delivers on the creep! *shudder*


Malor wrote:

Wow, the creepy spider thread delivers on the creep! *shudder*

I don't know what's worse, the imagery of them swarming on the cricket, or the suggested video thumbnails at the end of the clip.

+1 bravery if you clicked on the munted looking hand with the pustule on it with the title 'The white tail spider'.

Spoilered for squeamish details


I knew someone who was bitten by one once. They had to have a skin graft to cover the hole that rotted away on their leg.


There must be one hell of a glory hole on that wall.


I rate that X for Xtra creepy.

Damn postal spiders!

Does it also have acid for blood?

What the heck is that?!

Molting spider.

momgamer wrote:

What the heck is that?!

Giant house spider molting.

Ah. I was wondering whose chest that had burst out of. Way too many legs there.

momgamer wrote:

Ah. I was wondering whose chest that had burst out of. Way too many legs there.

Yes those are the worst kind of spider photos. Your brain is asking "wtf is that" then it realizes what you are seeing and sends massive synaptic shocks of horror through your entire body.

Or that's how it works for me anyway.

Heh.... with me, it was "WTF is that?" and then a few seconds later, "Oh! Wow, that is cool!"

I mean, yeah, I still feel the 'ick!' urge, but it's overridden by curiosity.

I hate spiders. Words can't even begin to further that statement. So I have one question:

Why am I here, and how did I manage to get through some 10 pages of this thread?!?!

This little guy was jumping all over my camera, hand, face.
It was cute how curious he was.
This image is of him on my fingernail.
Hmmm, let me edit that photo to be a little smaller.

taken with the 90mm macro with a 40mm extension tube. This is un-cropped. I am loving this extension tube! Get one!


That guy is adorable!