Anyone big on Tirico, Kornheiser, and Jaws?

I'm still not sold on these guys after being "meh" about them last season and watching tonight's game. They've been flapping their gums in free association about Rodgers and Farve all night long. Tirico just said at the beginning of the second half that there are guys fighting for jobs, and they're making some great plays. Why not help them out and CALL THE F*&^$%! FOOTBALL GAME instead of chatting amongst yourselves?

Tirico's good when he's calling the action, but the other two guys just spew and spew. I know Jaws knows more about the game than many, I wish he'd provide more game analysis than just shooting the breeze with Tony.

Meh. Again.

Jaws has a tendency of getting pulled in to the BS conversations, which Kornheiser and to an extent Theismann had/have a tendency of doing.

Tirico's okay. He's not great, he's not bad, he's all right. I find him unoffensive. Obviously, I long for the day when Michaels and Costas have the booth somewhere, but Madden will have to retire, and Costas will pretty much be giving up the preseason every four years, which isn't a big deal.

I didn't like the group much last year and I expect more of the same this year.

Kornheiser's great at sports talk, being pretty much conversation oriented - PTI is great fun (when he's actually on his show..) and his local radio broadcasts sometime border on the brilliant. Unfortunately, there's a football game going on that needs to be called and all he seems to do is get in he way of the action and distract Jaws from doing his color man job.

Tirico is innocuous, not bad not great, which I think is actually a compliment. It's when he gets distracted too and the three of them start some sort of in-booth bull session that the broadcast starts to suck and the football game gets lost.