All Pro Football 2k8 - Season 4 - Preseason

This game finally caught on with me and I've been playing it a lot more lately. Hopefully there will be a season five (I'll feel confident enough to play online by then).

Actually, I think they're still looking for one more for season 4, Fyedaddy.

Bring it Fyedaddy - you will enjoy and everyone plays a decent fair game

Yeah. You'd definitely be welcome. If ruthless is indeed down an xbox I suppose we could start the draft. Running under the assumption that ruthless is the last seed based on Grumpicus being out for season 4.

Yes I agree Just Bring it Fyedaddy. Ruthless should have his xbox back this week. I'm ready for the draft anytime you are ready to start.

Really? Nice! What is the scheduling like for the league? I don't want to be the one holding up any of the weeks.

The draft is on, guys.

I'm going to send out invites for the spreadsheet tonight with the intention of starting the draft ASAP. So PM me your email address if you're new to this season. That way I can send you an invite for the spreadsheet. After I get those I'll send out the invites with the draft order.

Today I drew names from a hat to determine the draft order of the expansion teams. Draft order for the rest of the teams was determined by season success (playoff depth first, then regular season record).

The current draft order I have is...

Maxox - Drawn 1st from a hat
Oldmanscene24 - Drawn 2nd from a hat
Fyedaddy - Last of the "expansion" teams
Prederick (quarter-finalist, but the fourth best record of the 4 losing teams - 3-6)
jayhawker (quarter-finalist, but the third best record of the 4 losing teams - 4-5)
ertic (quarter-finalist, but the second best record of the 4 losing teams - 6-3)
firesloth (quarter-finalist, but the best record of the 4 losing teams - 7-2)
ElliotX (semi-finalist, but the lesser record of the two losers in this round - 3-7)
DSGamer (semi-finalist, but a better record than ElliotX - 5-5)
ruthlessmuffin (deepest into the playoffs since Grumpicus isn't in this season

Funny to look at that and see how regular season had little to no bearing on how deep someone got in the playoffs. Anyway, with that, send me your PMs and let's get this rolling. We have 12 teams now. So it should make for an even more interesting (and difficult) draft. I have no set schedule yet. Feel free to talk about the pros/cons of me matching people up to play 2 games against each other in divisions. This is likely to happen. Let's keep discussing it here and I will take your direction on how to proceed with the scheduling. Otherwise, I think we can start the draft and at least get that going.

It's on.

The draft -
Discussion of the draft, Season 4 -

Fyedaddy wrote:

Really? Nice! What is the scheduling like for the league? I don't want to be the one holding up any of the weeks.

We use flex scheduling and if someone takes too long we have at times moved forward, but flex scheduling generally makes this a non-issue.

Stupid commish... Do we have bagga this season? We need a 12th or else we need to drop someone. In my defense, I have a head injury.

Bagga is in, as of page two of this thread. And you forgot frankie. Those two make twelve.

Thanks, my bad.