AoC Deathwhisper Guild info (Harm)

I joined Harm and it is better than i thought.

They raid a bit early for me on the PVE side of things, but I got a good taste of them last night. Previously i had been logging in seeing if anything was going on and then logging off and playing my HoX who has not been in harm.

Last night I was on for their weekly guild meeting and I was surprised at how smooth and professional it was run.

Our siege window was 2000 CST to 2100 CST and we had about 40 people sitting around waiting for some one to seige and no one came.
So the 40 people rolled out to Khesh to pick a fight with LoTD and We Brought Snacks(i think this is Carnage)

The strategies in the world pvp was impressive and how smooth everything went. We owned the zone for 2 hours Vent was clear with no chatter out side of status checks and the leaders giving battle orders.

With the nerf of gems and crafted gear they are putting a focus on the tier 2 pve gear as that is the best gear for pvp right now. Until the PVP gear comes out.

Harm is not perfect they have members of the guild who are psycio paths who enjoy camping the sh*t out of people. And it is a well known fact among them that having the tag HARM under your name means KOS to just about everyone.
But they do have a very strict no BS in vent policy. They g-kicked a few people last night for an outburst about politics that turned into Racial epitaphs being thrown around.

I know you guys are looking for a guild to hook up with. I would love to see you all join me here if you are into the big guild thing right now.

Oh and a Teir 3 battle keep is pretty impressive to look at even if no one will come attack it right now.

OMG! Not HARM!! Dirty dirty bastard!