Excellent article on Dubious Quality about why modern sports games get it wrong


I know Jayhawker will love this, but it specifically makes mention of Front Page Sports. Funny.

Good article. Thanks for the link. Front Page Sports put out a good baseball game too, but I think Earl Weaver was the best back then. Again, as he mentioned that was on diskettes. But I totally agree about MLB 08: The Show: what a great baseball game. Ambiance, play, and just looking around between pitches or plays. Player's doing their thing, normal baseball things: eg. Rubbing the bat down, swing, talking to each other, or crowd doing this or that. And the play of course. But again, what really set's it apart in my book, is the module Road to the Show. An rpg baseball game that could sell on it's on a make it.

Sports games sure are easy targets. They've gotten something of a pass from the angry internet nerds, I think, since most angry internet nerds hate sports.