Madden 2009 Online League *Renamed*


I still play and like it. The round-robin thing works for me. I've gone through 4 games so far and head to head is the way to go for sure. I can't stand playing against the AI. No challenge whatsoever.

I know you like it.

I was asking if people are still playing the season.

DSGamer wrote:

So are people still playing through the "season" on this? I was just curious if people were still playing head to head games in the running round-robin league. Is playing that way satisfying? etc.

The only reason I bought the game was to play with you guys in the online league. And, I'm glad I did.

All of my games have been exciting, even the ones I've lost.

I haven't played Madden in about 3 years - not any significant playing time anyway - because I hated what they did in Madden 2006. (They totally screwed up the gameplay.) And, I can honestly say that this new Madden is the best one yet.

EDIT: And I'll be playing the season and pickup games anytime you want to play.

I'm only playing our league games. Every game or practice I've done vs. the AI has been pretty lame in comparison to playing against a human. And forget playing against random people on the internet. I'm giving this game until the 2nd patch. If the offline component doesn't feel worthy to me after the second patch then Madden 09 will be a trade-in towards NHL 09.

Yeah, my 4 online games all got disconnected. So even that wasn't working for me. I was just thinking down the road, really. A few weeks out. If you guys are still going strong I might consider putting it on Gamefly or something.

Well, Madden is getting a patch. Grats to EA for jumping on this, but still it kind of makes you hate the yearly release cycle. It reads like a WTF list of things that you can't comprehend they got wrong.

Some highlights.

1. Kicking play disconnect: If two opponents play a game with two different camera angles, in any situation where a game winning or tying kick was to be made, a disconnect could occur. "ActionCam" forces the game to go into slow-motion to add drama to these late kicks, but unfortunately the Classic camera does not, thus forcing the "disconnect". This has been fixed...all cameras can still be used as well.

Workaround until the patch: If possible, ensure that you and your opponent have the same camera type chosen before starting an online game.

Seriously? Wow. So two players having different cameras broke online play because they wanted the kicking to be more dramatic...

9. CPU running out of bounds: This bug appears when the CPU tries to switch hands while running to the sidelines. This is fixed for patch 2.


16. Defensive Preplay Mis-cue: We found and fixed an issue where defenders would leave their man wide open in a Cover 3.

I guess this explains some of the defensive AI problems. Weird stuff.

Thanks for the update!

(I didn't even know you could play an online game with 2 different camera angles. I thought it was set by the 'host'/invitee.)

So Spy, are we going to start our 'regular season' league after the patch?

Regular season will start after the patch. Preseason will continue to run for those who want to get in a casual game. Please dont sign up for GWJFL Regular season unless you can commit to at least 1 game a week - we will use the current GWJFL for "casual" games. I know some folks signed up in the initial rush, but then said - nah - I no likey - which is ok. Since none of us here a glitching bastids - we dont have to wait for the patch - what they are fixing isnt league killing. If we want to start this weekend I will set the league up. Just give me a nod in the thread if you are ready.

I would personally be open to joining a "league", but I think the league in Madden is so fubarred that I can't imagine playing it as a strict week by week league. I was talking to another Goodjer the other day (actually a couple people have echoed this sentiment) and he said that the league was actually pretty fun when played as a giant pool of friends who can play their games whenever and just kind of follow each other's stats, etc. In other words, it doesn't seem to lend itself well to being played strictly as a league. More as a loose structure for gathering together friends to play each other and track cumulative stats, eventually culminating in a playoff of sorts.

Again, call it what you want league or pool - if you want to play then just opt to play and get in at least a game a week with an available opponent. We arent assigning each person an opponent a week - you just need to play someone each week so the league can advance. If after a week you havent played a single game then that would be an issue. It has been just over 2 weeks that the game has been released and I have played 12 league games - no set time - just saw someone was on and either they or I set the challenge and we were off. If that isnt to your liking - there are those of us who would welcome a game at almost anytime - just send the message - want to play Madden to any of us and I bet we would be up for a game.

My thought would be that if you set the games to eleven, then guys like SpyNavy and others that play a lot, can continue playing each other, while EA keeps track of stats. Others may not get in as many games, but can follow how the group is doing, even if they play less games. The idea of a game a week is kind of fubar. It's a system designed to let folks that happen to be online at the same time play while keeping track of their records.

So, I had played most of the guys I see online all the time, so the game became a ton less fun as I try to track down who's left. That's silly, because most of the guys I had played, I still see online all the time. Why not set it up so we can keep playing games. I don't care if there is a "winner". Even having playoffs seems like a waste of time. There is no "season". If it was set up for eleven games, folks that want to keep playing could, while others could move on.

Actually, the real question is do we want to have a playoff with a "league champion"?

My vote is for yes... for bragging rights and to keep the play lively. If it's just a bunch of guys playing, it will be fun (don't get me wrong) but if we are all striving for something it may motivate guys to play harder/longer/etc.

Which would mean we'd want to set the games per opponent to 1/2/3 because they season would be EXTREMELY too long otherwise.

And, the great thing about the 'league' is that you can invite people in the league to non-league but still ranked games(if you care about that stuff) or un-ranked, if you don't.

So, if Spy wants to play 50 games he can. Send me an invite anytime. But, the rest of the league doesn't have to play a HUGE number of games to get to a playoff situation.

Setting the number of games low offers maximum flexibility (play anybody, anytime, as often as you want) while also allowing us to have a playoff at the end of the season.

Dan Kelly wrote:

Actually, the real question is do we want to have a playoff with a "league champion"?

Yes, cause I want my revenge on Spy. He only beat my by 3, dammit.

If only Madden had a league function, that would be great.

I am definitely still in, being as that less people will play what are the chances of being able to switch teams. It is not a big deal but I would like to use a better team if one is going to be unused.

Jayhawker wrote:

If only Madden had a league function, that would be great.

You mean more like their "franchise", but online? That would be awesome.

Dan Kelly wrote:
Jayhawker wrote:

If only Madden had a league function, that would be great.

You mean more like their "franchise", but online? That would be awesome.

Exactly. Although, to fair, I was never able to actually play a franchise, as it crashed every single time I played my first preseason game. so hopefully it would be a bit better than that.

Just a league and a schedule with a reasonable amount of games would be nice. While I actually like the function EA provided, it didn't seem like anyone can either wrap their head around what it actually is, so you end up with a "league" with too many teams and no schedule that provides the function of a story for the season.

Right. Not comparing, so please bear with me. But in our first season of APF2k8 my starting QB got injured. Since in APF you get a star player, then a no name, I finished out the season with a no name. The no name went on to have a tremendous season and lead the team to the brink of the championship. There's a "story" there, as Jayhawker puts it. It's one I remember enjoyed watching it play out. That's part of what makes franchises fun. Especially when they're competitive. I'm really enjoying NCAA (haven't kicked off my online Dynasty quite yet) 09, as another example. Yesterday the Oregon State Beavers squeezed past #3 USC and vaulted into the top 25. Sammie Stroughter is now a Heisman Contender. A story is brewing in my little Dynasty.

So yeah, I am disappointed and kind of bummed that in a year where the EA games seem to be getting playable, there isn't a decent season for Madden. Part of why I revived this topic is because I'm seriously considering getting the game again. Especially with the patch. I'm not at all interested, though, in some kind of manufactured week-by-week season when the game offers no such construct. It took Grumpicus to get me to wrap my head around what Madden DOES provide and why it's worth while in its own right. So I'd consider playing, but only the loosy-goosy "season" where people just play each other mostly for moderate bragging rights. There is no online Franchise, so the story of the season just isn't possible with the game online.

In the league function there is a way to see who is online and even if you have played them you can still invite them to a game - it just doesnt count as a "league game". The idea of a league with a playoff is that it provides a culminating point and sense of accomplishment. The idea that you can get that chance of "revenge" against an opponent for "all the marbles" is satisfying to many. If playing at least a game a week is too much then league play isnt for you. Xbox Live provides you the ability to send a bud a message and say "Lets play Madden" without needing to be in a league. I understand the league features are not as robust, but it is what we have to use. Several years ago we had no problems playing a league in 2K5 and you played your league game (it was scheduled in a bracket system) and if you didnt get the game in - the GM decided the game and moved it forward. Unfortunately that option doesnt exist in Madden so the only option would be that if toward the end of the season most people have played their allotment of games except against one opponent - that guy has to be removed from the league because he is limiting the entire league. Xbox Live provides for less structure and more casual play while the league play is for guys who want to play 1-3 games a week (or in reality however many they can fit in). I will start another thread for the follow on league and those who can commit to playing 1-2 games a week should express their interest and we can go about setting that up. The GWJFL preseason will continue for both the more casual as well as more serious players.

Yeah, the thing DS is talking about is not so much a league as it is a group statbook/recordbook. There's nothing keeping us from having a proper "league" as well as a "casual gaming pool". Heck, the latter option even gives you the chance to play folks that aren't on your friends list - like the clan gamertags but better(?). Of course, you only get stats if you go the "unique teams" route so there is that.

To distill my point: do both.

If you are interested in the regular league - please dont forget to post by Saturday - your interest and your top 3 team choices.

I'm ready to play. Let's get it on!

I thought we selected our teams? Do the current owners have first right to their existing team?


Looks like this thread has slowed to a crawl. How can we get some activity back?

Any more info on exactly when the patch is coming out and when we're going to start the season?

I'm itching to play, but I don't see anyone online (playing Madden) anymore.

I've come around to it just being a bad game. I'm coming to the same conclusion with NCAA 09 even though I finished a full season and played it as late as today. I like it enough, but it's frustrating how little you're in control of the EA football games this season. I just played a game where I used Florida vs. Arkansas. I threw 6 interceptions, they threw 4. That's just stupid. Lots of Leaping Linebackers. That's my 2 cents, at least. I'm *this* close to just trading NCAA football in and picking up Viva Pinata 2 or something.

I am usually online playing almost every day - time depending. Once the patch is out I will setup the new league. I rarely see anyone either. I think the genuine interest in the game has wound down to about 5 players.

Any chance we can rename this back to a Madden Catch-All so that new members can find info about the game? There is another thread for the league, and this seems to be the best thread for folks to read up on the game.

Jayhawker wrote:

There is another thread for the league.


Would you mind posting a link to it?

I thought the league was pretty much dead.


Well, I do think the league is pretty much dead, but this is the link.