Comic Con 2008 Catch All / Slap and Tickle

Surprisingly, no thread about this so far, it seems! So here it is- Comic Con 08:
Who's going? Will it be cool? What parts are you looking forward to? Do we dare meet each other face-to-face?, etc etc.

I'm going this year, and it is my first convention evar!!! I'd love to hear your thoughts.

1)Stay hydrated.
2)Pack extra underarm deodorant.
3)Take a digital camera to get pics of the cuter ladies in costume.
4)Whatever you budgeted for "extras", add another couple hundred because you are surely going to see things that you absolutely MUST have.

I wish I was going. I was going to buy tickets, but my friends bought them for friday and now they are all sold out. The only day left is sunday and I will have no one to go with = /

A very intelligent person should write up a stunning survival guide for just such an event...

Oh wait!

God, the place'll be in full Dark Knight (Hellboy 2 to a way lesser extent) swing. I feel like i'm missing out by not going. Maybe next year.

As for the S&T, someone suggested catching Dark Knight in a previous thread. There are two theaters within walking/bus distance, a number of restaurants and a medium-sized mall at your disposal. Staying in the Downtown/Gaslamp area would maximize your ability to pull Goodjers with limited transportation.

Thanks for the link Spaz! I feel like I know what I'm in for now.

Think any of the podcasters will be there this year?